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  1. Yep - it used to work fine. But the car was flooded about six months ago and various things have been going wrong electrically ever since! That's why I wonder if it's a relay - but am not sure which one to try.
  2. Does anyone know any more on this issue? Any tell-tale signs of the stalk being broken or should I just go for it and replace it? What relay might it be on if it were the relay that had gone? Thanks for all your help, Jim
  3. Hi - I posted this a while ago and got one reply but never quite understood it so didn't risk anything. Basically, my full beams are fine to flash but won't turn on permanently - i.e. the lever never clicks into place. Does anyone know what this might be? The wiring and stalk all look fine so I'm reluctant to rip out the stalk without being absolutely sure it's that. Is there a relay which might be off? Any thoughts? All other lights working fine.
  4. I had an issue where my hazards would leave the light constantly on and wouldn't flash - a new relay solved it. Have a hunt for a corrado wiring diagram and get the necessary relay.
  5. Is that in the main relay box? (I.e. under the steering wheel)
  6. Hi guys - any ideas on this - my full beam (for no apparent reason) won't stay on. It works fine pulling the stalk back normally to flash but never clicks into position. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi Guys - I've got a noise that makes my 16v 2.0 sounds a bit like a jet engine coming from nearside rear. I'm fairly sure it's a wheel bearing (the wheels were submerged when a river near me flooded just before xmas). I've been quoted £17 for one from a local garage (make 'q-edge'?) and £5 - £10 for one from GSK and AVS. My mechanic reckons it'll take him 90mins ish. Does this all sounds reasonable? Any advice on which bearings? Should I do both rear wheels or just the one? Thanks, Jim
  8. Hi - I've just joined the forum and found what I thought was the answer to my 1993 2.0 16v's issue. The hazards and the indicators weren't working - I found a guy who'd had the same problem, replaced the relay and it all worked.....for about 5 minutes! Then the same relay went - I've no idea where to start - anyone any ideas on what might be causing the relay rather than the fuse to blow? Thanks so much in advance.
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