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  1. AP COILOVER KITS Grab your self a very good coilover kit and very good prices. 5 kits bought and receive 5% off shop price and with 10+ kits bought receive 10% off. Price for Corrado are as follows: 5kits bought - £349 and 10+ kits - £329 These prices inc VAT and shipping within the UK All other VAG platforms are available. This is not just for Corrado's The 100% List so far 1 Carl Barnett 2 Neil Hargraves 3 Andy Bonner 4 Graeme Coull 5 Marcus - Optimus Grime 6 Jonny 7 Martin Moxham 8 Mikey -VWUNIT 9 Az Riz 10 supplier - e-parts.co.uk - speak to Darren info on coilovers - http://www.apcoilovers.com/ap_shop.php Please note that if you want to buy now,before the 10 are reached you will buy at the 5% discount as kits have been bought, then when 10 kits have been purchased e-parts will refund the extra 5%. Any questions please PM or speak to Darren at e-parts Thanks
  2. due to the fact a supplier on E38 sell AP's the thread as been delete!! The GB is still going ahead..Tell your friends
  3. I'm not just saying this but I would have AP over FK all day long...I have had FK=, never again and been in car with AP's and to be honest they were nigh on same ride as my KW Variant 2's
  4. I have set up a Group Buy for sets of AP Coilovers. If i get 10 people to buy we can get an extra 10% of purchase. If only manage 5 it will be 5% Current posted price for a Corrado kit is £369..with five kits bought, price is £349 and with 10 kits bought price will be £329, posted...!! The offer's not just limited to Corrado's so if you need for any other platform please let me know. There's a basic price guide below: I have already got six confirmed so not many left. The GB is also on Edition and UK Passats but open to any models and not just VAG Thanks, Carl
  5. I have been talking to a company who can supply a discount on AP Coilovers. If i get 10 people to buy we can get an extra 10% of purchase. If only manage 5 it will be 5% Current posted price for a Corrado is £369......so you could pick up a kit for £329, posted...!! The offer's not just limited to Corrado's so if you need for any other platform please let me know. There's a basic price guide below: If you are interested please reply to this post. I will be posting on UKPassats, Edition etc so fingers crossed get something rolling asap. Thanks, Carl
  6. cvw74

    et issues??

    will 16x9 et 25 on rear foul anywhere? generally people use et15 but I'm using 215 40 rubber so not stretching. Want the arch to follow line of rubber, sit around 2mm inside the rim.....anyone help with the best et for this? thanks
  7. cvw74

    195x 40 16

    I recently tried this size on an 8j rim. the stretch was a little worrying? Does anyone run this size and would it be safe enough? I am currently running a 195x45 profile which is sitting a little high but I think a 205 will be a little too wide any advice? thanks Carl
  8. gotta choose a tire, out of these 2, T1R or ZE 912, which will be best option, 215 40 16 going 9j and 195 45 16 going on 8j looking for all round performance and stretch characteristics thank you
  9. thanks for the advice, There some poker Brembo 4 pots for sale at the mo running312 disc, would these fit with a 16" rim. They have come off a Seat Leon, is it same fitment as the corrado?
  10. cvw74

    Dastek unichip

    someone selling one of these but don't know nothing bout them Are these things just a waste of time? Do they generaly need mapping when fitted? Thanks
  11. I'm wanting to upgrade the front brakes on my VR, but wanna run 16"s (i think!!) what brakes should I be using? I am possibly having wheels made so et can be decided so as to host bigger brakes if that makes much of a difference, I'm guessing it will. I have read a few links but doesn't answer completly, would be great if I could get correct et so as not use spacers thanks
  12. thanks for the help, now gotta decide 16 or 17 :confused4: :shock: :cuckoo:
  13. does anyone know where I can get a de-locked rear plate trim from? thanks
  14. not thought about all that, on a 9x16 whats the best to run, as to be low though. As much as i want 16's may be better option to go 8.5x17 sump may be safer as well
  15. help needed on total height of tire and wheel. at the mo running winters - 6.5 x 15 with 205/55 rubber. trying to decide on summers at mo if i run a 9x16 with 205/40 or 215/35 also 8.5x17 with 205/40 would there be much difference in heights? thanks
  16. would front MKIII strut brace fit corrado?? thanks
  17. Apart from the price difference, is there really any difference in the quality and performance of these 2 manufacturers of ARB's ta
  18. cvw74

    schrick 264 cam

    I could pick a couple of these up for £270 Not to sure how much work would need to be done/parts bought to get running correct. Any info is greatly appretiated. Is it a good set to go for, i am hoping to see good gains in torque as much as hp. I was told the spec on the Shimmel 263's with a map are very good. thanks
  19. cvw74


    Please excuse the stupid question, but, will MKIII VR coilovers be same fitment for the corrado VR. thanks
  20. yeah, I tried is Gottis on the other day and he told me bout the GB. I reckon they would be all the same sump and i'm guessing not one I want...will confirm that..
  21. Mod, I have checked saerch and can't find info, so please don't lock....... I'm looking at ways of changing my sump, I have a VR and to get it as low as I would like on 16's I'm worried about the sump. I have though about the R32 sump but then its gonna be ali which doesn't fill with confidence. Only other I can think is a dry sump. Does anyone know how much, where i can get one. Any quality info is much required about this matter. Thanks.......Carl
  22. Is it possible to get a shallow sump for the VR6? So I can not drive like a nervous wreck :D
  23. Not sure if should post this here, it is engine bay, kinda. can anyone tell me where I can get the front scuttle panel from, I have seen SWG's but 90 bucks seems steep :nono: Although one piece still seems alot.......Does the MKII Golfs fit? thanks
  24. I have just had componenets and door pod build/install put in the car, driving off, undo window, only my side works??? The lads checked all electrics and assured me that the loom had not been damaged. I'm no good with electrics, you could here the relays working when switch pressed and he assures there's power going to motor, the windows were perfectly happy before so I can't see it being the motor...the lights on the switches are working, i'm guessing if fused neither windows would be working. any help would be much appreciated, thanks
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