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  1. Hi my front spring has snapped on my standard vr6 im thinking about upgrading the shocks and springs but cant afford coilovers. I want to lower it a bit but not too much (maybe 35mm) and i dont want the ride to be too hard but also not too soft wich i think the standard setup is. Does anyone know a good set of shocks and springs for round about the £300 mark? I was thinking about just upgrading the front then the rear at a later date when i got some more cash any help would be great here as there is so much to choose from and dont want to spoil the handling and feel of my car cheers!!!
  2. My wiring seems fine to the sensors im ordering a new sensor today so il see what happens. I cleaned up oil and theres been no more signs of an oil leak so i hope its just a sensor!!!
  3. I pulled wire off of sensor and the light went out. Then i tried shorting it to engine block and no lights came on then i reconected it and still no lights. So i unplugged it again and a black plastic thing came off and there was a spring underneath it and it wont go back together again? Il order a new sensor today and start again. And a new spanner to fit sensor as i dont have one big enough to take it off!
  4. The light and buzzer only come on if i drive over about 2000rpm roughly. If i stop and turn ignition off then start car agin its fine untill i go over 2000rpm again? I didnt get a chance to look at it today but got a day off work tommorow so will check it out. I might just take it to a mechanic as i dont want to scrap my engine love it way to much!!!!!
  5. I have got my vr6 running again after it been sat all winter and took it for a good blast today and now Abs light wont go out and now the oil pressure light/buzzer is going off!!! How do i check oil pressure anyone? Could it be a oil leak or head gasket starting to fail as i have noticed a bit of steam coming from underneath engine sumwere? And there is a bit of oil next to airbox?
  6. Cheers il see if i can get one this week from sumwere
  7. Hi ive got a 93 vr6 and you have got to turn key and wiggle wires under the key to start any sugestions would be amazing as it has me stumped! Cheers!
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies il try everything everyone mentioned and il write up what the problem was. Thanks this is an awesome forum!
  9. Ok cheers il try that see if it makes a difference thanks. It almost sounds like its missing a few cylinders when it does it tho? When you get past it tho it seems to run sweet as normal?
  10. Hi my vr6 isnt running good! When it is idling and you tap the accelarator it takes a while for the revs to kick in wich is quite annoying on a busy roundabout! It is also using alot more fuel than normal. I have changed spark plugs,new standard backbox and the airfilter. Any suggestions anyone?
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