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  1. I'm pretty sure it's the £50 one from what I remember.




    I can get a pic over the weekend, as Jim says they are a good fit. I just found it a hassle putting it on and taking it off on a daily basis especially when it was wet or windy






    Bit of a long shot given the age of this post but do you still have the cover for sale?

  2. Thanks mate, I did attempt to take the lock off last week but I was using an allen key and wasn't getting anywhere. Wrong tool for the job, I will have another stab at it later, one of those jobs that will bug me until it's done

  3. OK, I think this maybe a common issue?


    This is on both doors and I think the drivers (RHD 1994) side is possibly easier than the passenger side but still I haven't been able to do it. Anyone got any tips on how to reattach these little fookers?


    Many thanks in advance

  4. thought you might say that, thanks for the reply anyway. I'm reading on the vortex website that there are a few different types but if it's no older than 1993 then they all fit. This one is on ebay off a MK3 golf, same connection and looks like it should fit. Mine still works, sort of. Maybe if I pull it to bits and take a look at it I can fix it :o

  5. cool, no unfortunately not. There doesn't appear to be one on it. I can see digits "211" on it but don't think that's the part number some how. I've attached a pic of the one I need

  6. I bought some alternative clips from my local accessory store, they work just fine. So for the first time since I've owned the car (14 years) I have it clipped in at all points lol

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