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    MFA question

    Thanks. :notworthy:
  2. Pip14

    MFA question

    Hi all, sorry if this is a stupid question, but in my defence the handbook wasnt in my rado when I bought it so am a bit confused about the MFA display. Basically, can someone tell me what the difference is between settings 1 and 2 on the switch? :scratch: Thanks.
  3. good job my brothers ex wife didnt see that.. would have given her too many ideas ;-) the way people fly off the handle about stuff, it could even been summat as stupid as some cocky kids he cut up in traffic and didnt even realise...
  4. god thats awful... not a huge scooby fan but its a horrible thing to see done to anyones pride and joy. If he did have enemies they certainly knew how to hit him where it hurts, poor guy.
  5. oohh Bordeaux red, sounds posh. Thanks for that :-)
  6. As a newbie to rados, can I ask is 10w40 the best for my 2.0 16v? will be having to start it up for work at ridiculous hours in frozen winter mornings. Also are the expensive makes, magnatec n stuff worth the xtra cost? Thanks.
  7. hi all, wanted to share my good news. I am now the proud owner of a 92 2.0 16v corrado :clap: :clap: shook hands on it this morning, and will pick it up with the rest of the cash either tomorrow or tuesday. For the bargain price of a grand. Havent got very good pics at mo, but you can see what she's like. I think the colour is dark burgandy pearl, is that right? Will put up better pics once I've got her home and have given her a good polish. Good points, loads of service history, reciepts etc, most of it VW, Mot til july 09, the spoiler works (YAY, how cool is that!! :notworthy: ) Karmann interior and had 2 mechanic friends check her over and drive her and both says its sound and if I hadnt had it, they would! Bad points, stone chips on bonnet, and bumper could do with a respray and some rust coming at the bottom of the passenger side arch but nothing major. Now just can't wait to get her home. also I think she's in need of a name.. any ideas? :scratch:
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