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  1. Stonejag - Very kind fella and would have been there but SWMBO was taken ill so have not had any time to get out and about. As luck would have it grabbed a decent one of ebay that came up so finges crossed #BBA-Reman give it the all clear and I can get it fitted! Will see if I can get my current one re-furbed once the new one is fitted just in case! fendervy glad you are sorted fella! On the debate of the early Golf VR6 vs Rado pump, apparently yes, they do work, but not seen one in situ and working so don't take my word for it! Cheers all!
  2. Mine is, after intermittent operation, now deaded. Postage to or pick up from vicinity on Southern London. Cheers all
  3. FasthunVR6

    Rear Beam

    Cheers for that chap, thankfully I have sourced a sensible Mk3 beam that is being deployed, so fingers crossed I will have the old girl back on Friday!
  4. FasthunVR6

    Rear Beam

    Yeah saw that Mk3 may be the same, should fit etc but they are not exactly the same it would seem. Happy to be told otherwise tho!
  5. FasthunVR6

    Rear Beam

    Greeting all, The Saga of getting my VR6 back on the road continues.l Having found the trim parts that were needed it now transpires that the dastardly Navarro who crunched poor Dierdre also managed to bend the rear beam. Have spent much time searching the parts section, ebay etc and so far nothing, does any body know of one lying arond, indeed have one in stock? Cheers all, any and all help appreciated. Rich
  6. Thanks for that chap, found them on fleabay too so hopefully they should be being bought by the Acc.Rep. boys as I type!
  7. Totally, had a look and a search but came up with nada, will be sending an enquiry to twin45 as well JIC.
  8. Greetings! Any chance of obtaining the 2 pieces of trim from the drivers side of one of your breakers? Cheers R
  9. Soooo, On Friday my Dierdre (a Classic Green VR)was horribly ambushed by a giant Nissan Navarro. Thankfully she is salvageable, although the trim is a write off. The problem is I can not find the dirvers side trim anywhere. Does anybody have both parts of said trim available for purchase? Dead keen to have her back on the road the week after Easter so all ideas welcome! Cheers all! Rich
  10. Interesting, I have the exact same issue. Have had for 36,000 miles since I bought her! Initially I panicked, replaced the chains and tensioners, which made no difference at all. So I spoke to Vince about it, and apparently just one of them noises that some corrados make. The noise irritates me but I have had her for almost 4 years and we look for the source every time she goes up to Vince (about twice a year) and can find nothing wrong. So if there is a solution to this, I too would be most grateful. Unless expensive in which case not so much.
  11. Cheers guys, will have the coolant tested for CO2 , but I have looking for an excuse for a mocal anyway so if I can smoke it past the other half as a "necessary expense" as the original "has gone" and have the HG done at the same time for "peace of mind"....... Oh well, looks like its time to call Vince again!
  12. Greetings all! I come to you with a conundrum. I run a '95 VR6, bar some body work she has been good as gold for 3 years, Vince does all the work on her so she has been in good hands with a smudge under 100k on the clock. Now, 3 weeks ago I noticed a slight darkening of the coolant fluid and similarly timed an increase in water temps, even on a gentle, legal motorway cruise, to around 105C. Flushed and replaced the coolant and gave her an oil change, made no difference. I am thinking head gasket BUT, no smoke, no smeg, no noises, no loss of power, 34-35 MPG, radiator pipes are hot and so is the rad, fans spin up and if I run the heaters I can bring the temp back down to 90C. (not great with recent summery temperatures being quite warm enough thanks) So I am at a loss. Any ideas much appreciated! Cheers all
  13. Saw Dark Blue C on the M4 heading into London Last Sunday about 12:00ish. Was in Green VR6 Heading out of town.
  14. Running too Cold eh, well I never, and that in a VR!Will have to take her to Vince see what he says. Many thanks guys.
  15. Hi all, Ran the old girl up to Scotland last weekend, no problems 94 Celcius all the way Oil Temp, Water at about 75. On the Way back, oil temp starts pushing 102-104, water temp fluctuates beween 85-100. All this at the Gvernment advised speed limit :wink: No Smoke, black, blue or white. Oil Level OK, Coolant Nominal, no obviouse leaks or fluid loss. Your thoughts, Sticky thermostats? as she ran fine from Ipswich back to London last night after starting off hot before obligatory fuel stop? Many thanks
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