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    kitesurfing, snowboarding and anything thats exciting. love renovating my old veedub camper vans. cu


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  1. Hi Jimmy, I noticed you made a post about l100tes corrado a few years back, are you the owner of this corrado or do you know him? I see it has been sitting a long time & was trying to find out if it's for sale.

  2. i think there cool. your corrado looks a minter
  3. i have a temp gauge but not sure how to fit it. any info folks?
  4. mmm might see about getting these pressed. corrado and mk2 + mk1 golfs. any others that rust like buggery?
  5. would you think there is a market there? making a repair section just for that area???
  6. If he says it looks mint, its mint lol. I agree though, i wouldnt scrap it unless the shells had it! good point. if shell is fine i could pick it up? i live in aberdeen. no far. :)
  7. mine is de-cat and i hate how noisy it is. going to get a sports cat fitted. oh on that note ... where would i get a sports cat from for my g60 milltek sytem?
  8. haha think someone is trying to start a fight
  9. easy i just done it to my g60. replaced my rear qaurter.
  10. hahaha i know the corrado your looking at. talked to the guy yesterday asking if i would able to collect in 2 weeks. but nope :( i could fix it for you though. i work in a sheet metal engineering firm. and i have my own welding gear :)
  11. looks awesome. actually want wanting one myself. my mate has a x police v70 and has had r type interior put in it and is currently stage 2. puts out over 300bhp. pulls great for a wagon.
  12. yeah im looking forward to seeing the finished result. it was supprisingly easy to do. just had to be carefull when welding that i didnt blow through. :pale:
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