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  1. its close but dosent touch because i lowered the front of the engine by 1 inch. the throttle cable is off a 2.0l 20v non turbo audi a3. this show would have been perfect but my brothers wedding is on the 4th of august so i wont be able to go. any other shows on the west coast?
  2. im very pleased with it, i just have to do all the fine tuning now like setting the stiffness of the coilovers. i was going to go to inters but i couldnt make it so if anyone can recommend and good show worth going to maybe with a drag strip id have no problem doing another set of top mounts, the only thing is they raise the front of the car about 20mm but its fine if you have coilovers because you can just wind them down. ---------- Post added at 11:25 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:25 AM ---------- ya thanks that would be great
  3. if someone told me when i started it would take nearly 5 years i would have laughed at them, so happy its finally done, i have a set of polished center caps for the rc's but i dont want to paint them so im waiting until i get another set.
  4. thanks, the wheels are 17" bbs rc's and im using 15mm spacers all round
  5. so after over 4 years of work, i started when i was 15 and now im nearly 20 years old, the car is finally on the road. it flew through the nct ( irish version of the mot) and theres tax on the windscreen. i have been driving it for nearly the last month and i absolutly love it. it was 100% worth all the work and effort. a pic from its first week on the road one of the last big jobs on the car that ive been waiting to do for a long time painting the wheels, started out like this. sanded and ready for primer a coat of primer base coat a coat of lacquer and back on the car, then i gave it a quick wash a few pics i robbed off the internet from the limerick vw show still a load of jobs to do and always something to improve so i wont actually be ever able to say its finished.
  6. the first few pieces of carbon fiber ive started doing, wrapped the handbrake handle and then a coat of lacquer to finish it the car all loaded up and ready for tracking in fahys garage and a day with joe on the dyno. there was a few issues with the ecu during the first mapping session so it could only be mapped at 1.0 BAR. the car made 260BHP at 1.0BAR so still alot of power left to get, should be back in the next 2 weeks for the final map. coilovers wound up to get the car on the dyno and for the nct when it was on the dyno it pulled a stud out of the manifold so i changed all the studs in the manifold from m8 to m10 for more strenght. all the holes drilled and tapped drilled the holes in the turbo for the bigger studs this is what happened to the gasket when the stud pulled out
  7. new track rod ends anti roll bar striped back to the metal primed and painted new powerflexed drop links anti roll bar fitted air filter fitted infront of the drivers wheel made a new bracket for the washer bottle washer bottle fitted in the car, kept it lower than standard to clear the bonnet lifter washer jets fitted, wired and piped up vibratechnics competion engine mount new facet fan switch 2 new bosch horns new front top mounts proper pressed in INA bearings instead of the crap plastic ones 2 part polyurethane filling the gap at the bottom of the top mounts with polyurethane to stop the problem of the rubber breaking down and the top mount coming up threw the hole in the suspension turret. should make the front end nice and sharp
  8. is there anywhere in europe i can get this kit instead of ordering it from america or is there anyone on here that could make a few sets as im sure other people on here would be interested? mark
  9. the underside all cleaned up front arch liners fitted rear arches cleaned
  10. i used the evo runners which have a better ball bearing setup and made brackets to mount them.
  11. between being in america and being in hospital at the end of last year i wasnt able to work on it for a long time but its booked in for a nct (irish version of the mot) on the 12th of may so it has to be all finished for that and then im driving it to a car show on the 27th of may, really really cant wait to properly drive it.
  12. have the car booked in for a nct on the 12th of may so the big push is on now to get it finished started with a standard center console fitted my 3 stack gauges where the ashtray was getting all the wiring sorted and making a start on the interior fuse box in place, tried to get the wires as tidy as possible but corrado wiring isnt known for it neatness both front seats in and the interior pretty much back together
  13. i had not touched mine in the last 3 or 4 months due to health problems and lack of interest. i sat in it this evening and as i type this im back working on it with more interest than ever. i think a break from them can do you the world of good as it helps you forget all the problems and heart ache they give you.
  14. at the start of last year i decided to get one of these so the corrado took a back seat while i did a few bits to the gti then after the woodruff key in the crank pully of the corrado broke this happened to all 8 of the exhaust valves new valves freshly lapped in head off the engine all cleaned and ready for the new valves valves in the head small bit of grease on the collets to hold them in while i take off the valve spring compressor modified valve spring compressor to reach down into the head all the valves back in engine preped and new headgasket on cams back in and all timed up head back on and tourqed down pretty much all back together
  15. havent updated this in a while, im in america at the moment so dont have any pics to put up. i had a few issues with the engine just before i left for america, ill go into more detail about that when i get home at the end of the month. the car has moved along quite a bit since the last update so i will update the thread when i get home and hopefully i will get somewhere close to being finished by next summer.
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