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  1. Cheers for the help guys, Bit of a scheme going on in my head as to whats happening with the C, i think the spray idea may just work well enough! What did you use?
  2. bu66er, i knew someone would say that! now i need to look at getting it changed! Cheers!
  3. Im after putting a black headlining in my VR did they ever make a black one? is it an easy change? Cheers in advance!
  4. yep, VBH did used to have one, its currently sat outside on my drive...
  5. As my sunroof is f*?!ed I'm thinking of removing it and welding a plate in. Has anybody ever done this? does it involve much work? Cheers Steve
  6. Its imported, Left hooker! I have no idea really what im looking at corrado wise! I just like it! I'd assume you were right about the dash? How would I know?
  7. Heres my new corrado VR6 and a bit of my leon cupra R... passat climatronic wiring diags.pdfn763240143_5531533_8877.jpg[/attachment:3gbcckwe] climatronic wiring-Golf from May 01.pdfn763240143_5531534_9215.jpg[/attachment:3gbcckwe] 2.8l 24v Climatronic system.pdfn763240143_5531535_9512.jpg[/attachment:3gbcckwe] n763240143_5531538_739.jpg[/attachment:3gbcckwe]
  8. Ah, thats not good news! I have a windscreen im going to pick up, as the car isn't currently on the road it isn't insured! Cheers!
  9. I need to fit a windscreen into my VR6, never done a screen before. Whats involved? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Steve
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