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  1. 4 Branch manifold for corrado, mk2 golf and possible mk3 golf. It has been used (not by me though) sold my corrado so now surplus to requirements, pm me if you want it, open to offers, collection prefered or you can pay for a courier or collection.
  2. yeah good price that, cost me £80 and that was with staff discount!!! i might be selling up on Sunday but if i dont then ill need the pulley sorted. Will pm you if i end up keeping it.
  3. cant argue with that i guess! whereabouts in essex are you? couldnt ask them how much a crank pulley change would cost could you?
  4. oh jesus! I dont fancy doing this one on my own, how much do you reckon a garage would charge to sort this one out?
  5. you can do that on your own mate, easy job just unbolt the old and bolt on the new! What about the self service garage on the A3 out of london if you want to attempt it, failing that hearne bros in Brixton are really good depends if you want to venture that far into town? If you can get to Barrett Lee in south suffolk/north essex then theres a couple of vw enthusiasts who work there (bit pricey though)
  6. iv offered the guy £850 cash and hes not having any of it!!! its been 3 weeks now and i keep offering him that amount, any suggestions dont really wanna pay anymore than £850 for it!
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1994-Volkswagen-Corrado-2-0-16v-/170767121649?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item27c2837cf1 Was thinking about picking this one up next weekend, anyone know anything about it or has been to see it?
  8. This pulley in the engine is vibrating all over the place could you let me know what its for and how i can stop it vibrating!?
  9. Finally managed to get a couple of pics done and gave it a quick clean (not easy in sub zero temperatures but enough to wash the salt off) Also managed to find what is making the racket in the engine bay, somehow this is related to the PAS but this is the pulley which is vibrating all over the place: Works completed so far: - Raised suspension which has massively improved the ride and handling - Cleaned throttle body (running 10x better) - Changed oil and added ZX1 treatment - Cleaned the car! - Tightened up the alternator belt With regards to the PAS, when its idling it makes a rickety noise, when i turn the wheel a little the noise goes away...the PAS does feel a little heavy but is still working....any ideas? ---------- Post added at 12:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:10 PM ---------- Work to be done: - sort PAS - Get a new front splitter The list goes on but thats priority!
  10. Well your ratio sounds the same as mine then because 1 is real short but the rest are loooooong! Ill do the belt tommorrow and iv sourced a throttle cable thats only a fiver so that doesnt sound too hard to fit either. Ill give it a good blast from london to suffolk tonight too so should clear any cobwebs out!!! Thanks for the help guys
  11. Thanks david, knew you would know whats wrong! I know this sounds stupid but could i tie a knot in the cable to shorten it a tad so its nearly back to normal length, sounds silly but in theory should work right? Also where is this 180 degree bend? I have a PAS belt spare from my last rado so ill sort that this weekend too. Service should help general feel and performance i guess, looking forward to getting into this one! Pics on the way....
  12. Right ive decided not too sell and to make a proper go of my latest rado! So this weekend im going to get stuck in, first things after an oil change and service is the PAS. The PAS makes a rickety noise when im stationairy but if i turn the wheel the noise goes away. i only have to turn the wheel about an inch just enough to take up the slack and everythign purrs like a goodun! Do i just need to tighten up the belt to solve this problem, i occasionaly get a whiff of hot rubber so i guess the belt could be slipping and the more i think about it the more that seems like the logical explanation! Also my second question is...How can i make the throttle revs drop off quicker when i take my foot off the gas? throttle is very responsive when i put my foot down but i when i take the foot off the gas its a lot less responsive is there a way to quicken this up, apart from making sure everything is clean? third question...did the corrado come with a long ratio gearbox, the gears seem to go on forever in this one, its a 1.8 16v kr engine. Will get some pics and let you know how i get on over the weekend.
  13. Hi guys can anyone in south london with a c spanner let me borrow it for 30mins, ive got a long journey tommorrow afternoon and need to raise the car but all my tools are back in suffolk!!! can anyone let me come over either this evening or tommorrow at some time so i can raise the coilovers an inch or so?? Even a hammer and screwdriver would do, maybe a couple of sprays of wd40 too, i could give beer tokens in appreciation! my number is 07792738848 (im not weird/ a pikey/a robber in anyway so dont be shy!)
  14. Im in 2 minds whether to get rid of this or not, suspension just needs to be raised and the top mounts replaced then the ride will be fine. and it could make a really good car, decisions decisions, if nobody buys then ill keep it and return it too its former glory, ill get some pics tonight once im back from work.
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