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  1. Alex, I don't see why not. Where are you based? I can then get a quote for postage.
  2. Maybe... i will ill have a look and let you know.
  3. still have the boost pipe in you want it?
  4. Bump. Loads of parts in first post still for sale. Any takers?
  5. Pm sent ---------- Post added at 7:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 7:17 PM ---------- Sorry don't have passenger side switch
  6. More than happy with mine . I bought a 170 TDI with DSG. Had it chipped at AMD to just over 200 BHP. Lovely car to drive and perfect for work. Equipment level is good too, can't really fault it. I do enjoy driving the Corrado at weekends though.....
  7. First post in thread updated to show only the parts left for sale.
  8. Sorry RSR outlet has been sold. HT leads are 18 months old and were purchased from halfords and came from Bosch although its not marked on them. I also have W5DPO plugs also 18 months old that have covered 2000 miles. I would like £25 for thes if you are interested
  9. I pay £196 from performance direct on my 1992 modified G60. I am 46 so that does make a difference.....
  10. PM Sent ---------- Post added at 7:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 7:17 PM ---------- Leigh On Sea, Essex
  11. Following a move to a new garage I have had a clear out and have the parts below for sale G60 spare wheel. Good Wheel but tyre has a puncture. £5 collected [ATTACH=CONFIG]72973[/ATTACH] Good Wheel and tyre. £5 collected [ATTACH=CONFIG]72974[/ATTACH] G60 Dizzy with cap and rotor arm. 2 years old roughly 2000 miles covered. £50 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72992[/ATTACH] Two of these G60 boost hoses £12 each posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72995[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]72993[/ATTACH] G60 boost hoses £12 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72994[/ATTACH] Standard G60 FPR £25 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72996[/ATTACH] Two of these G60 standard intercoolers £40 each posted. Add an additional £10 if you want the hose left on in second picture. [ATTACH=CONFIG]72997[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]72998[/ATTACH] G60 throttle body Boost Hose. £15 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72999[/ATTACH] Late drivers door handle (not sure switch works). £10 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]73002[/ATTACH] Late passenger door handle. £10 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]73003[/ATTACH] Late Drivers window switch £10 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]73004[/ATTACH] G60 charger outlet Boost Hose. £18 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72989[/ATTACH] G60 Oil feed pipe 1 year old. £12 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72990[/ATTACH] G60 Head water flange. £10 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72975[/ATTACH] 8 Valve rocker cover. £35 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72976[/ATTACH] Central locking controller. £10 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72983[/ATTACH] G60 charger outlet silencer. £20 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72988[/ATTACH] Early mirror switch. £12 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72987[/ATTACH] Rear wiper motor (water jet nipple snapped off) £15 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72984[/ATTACH] 16V Mass flow meter. £20 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72977[/ATTACH] G60 boost pipe. £15 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72978[/ATTACH] Two of these G60 boost pipes. £15 each posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72979[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]72979[/ATTACH] Fresh air intake. £8 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]72982[/ATTACH] Rear black leather seats from a Mk3 Golf VR6. Very good condition £150 collected [ATTACH=CONFIG]73000[/ATTACH] Rear seat belts from a Mk3 Golf VR6. Very good condition £35 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]73001[/ATTACH] G60 ECU Bracket. £10 delivered [ATTACH=CONFIG]73024[/ATTACH] G60 HT Leads. £15 delivered [ATTACH=CONFIG]73027[/ATTACH] G60 ECU. Fitted with Gwerks SNS Chip ECU £90 delivered [ATTACH=CONFIG]73025[/ATTACH] G60 gearbox has covered 100,000 miles in perfect working order and has had an oil change within the last 1000 miles. Includes gear selection mechanism and reversing light switch etc. Removed from my 1992 G60 when I installed my Wavetrac LSD £100 collected. Working sunroof mechanism with red panel (no motor). Tilts and slides, £60 collected There's more parts to come. Any questions/offers just shout.
  12. I have finally got to the rolling road and had the car mapped. I have uploaded the results below. [ATTACH=CONFIG]72697[/ATTACH] 190.3 BHP with 194.8 lbft of torque. This is an improvement on the results for the same engine with the standard system and GWerks chip (173.8 BHP 174.8 lbft). The engine makes peak power at 5600 RPM but the boost still continues to rise. Strangely this is the same peak power RPM for the standard setup. I can only conclude that the head needs some work, maybe bigger exhaust valves? Any expert opinions would be welcome :D The current head is standard apart from some flow work carried out by GWerks. So was it worth all the effort? Despite the peak power being a bit lower than I hoped for the car is completely different to drive. Much more responsive and a lot faster. Overall I am very happy with the results!
  13. Yes it still has the standard balancer. The Omex toothed wheel has a 20mm hole in the middle as standard. This was enlarged on a lathe and the wheel fixed to the back of power steering pulley. I think the back of this pulley was turned down as well so that the new assembly fitted together properly. It was all checked with a DTI to ensure it ran true. My brother did this and could offer the same service if required.
  14. No the pulley is the standard one modified. Have a look at the top of the thread and you will see the component parts before they were modified.
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