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  1. 30 minutes ago, fla said:

    That looks absolutely stunning! Was the sunroof switch surround a single piece or stitched?

    thanks m8, it wasnt cheap but i am very happy with it

    i think the sunroof switch part was covered with a single piece & then cut out where required

    i used a local place by me called B&M Trim - ive used them a few times & their work is superb

  2. 30 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

    Thanks mate. I put In a 4m wide window so I could see the corrado from the kitchen.


    honestly m8 WOW!!

    what a brilliant setup!  if only i could get a car down the side of my house 😞

    planning wouldnt let me build a garage on the huge front drive i have as it is in front of the parity line but due to the layout of the plot i cant get a car down the side

  3. 1 minute ago, ChrisL said:

    Yes, it’s a turntable to spin the car round on 👍

    wow that really is awesome!!

    if only i had the space & money for a garage like that lol

    love the way you have big windows looking out onto the garden too - reminds me of Chris Evans show room for his ferrari's 

  4. 13 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

    Looking nice mate. Have you got a black sunroof / light switch?

    thanks chris

    errr id thought about putting a black one in as i have a black one in the 16v but i think it was out of a golf as the style is different

    i kinda quite like the accent the grey gives the overhead though, might look too black if all black

  5. 1 hour ago, Cressa said:

    Black does suit it. Although I would have to brush it all the same way. 😂

    thanks m8

    if im honest i dont even like touching it as i dont want to leave any finger marks or grease etc off hands but i was very pleased how it turned out

  6. for me this rings many alarm bells

    firstly a low miler such as this will need a lot of work due to lack of use - all bushes, running gear, likely calipers all round, all fluids & filters changing - super low miles is not always a good thing as we all know these cars dont like to be stood standing for long periods

    the bolster wear doesnt support the mileage

    even just from the exhaust pic it looks seriously unloved underside 

    to me it also looks like they have cleaned (badly) mould off the dash etc before taking the photos

    all looks a bit crusty in the engine bay too & youd have thought the battery jacket would have remained if so little use

    it could definitely become a decent vehicle but IMO would require a large investment to get back to the concours level the mileage deserves

  7. 10 hours ago, ABV-VR6 said:

    I know this is old but you're still around so! Have a tried fitting those TT ones in the end? 

    I too fancy black sun visors. Trying to decide between dying them or sourcing MK3.5 Cabrio black ones. Is it true these need Porsche 944 clips? 


    FYI i had my sun visors trimmed in alcantera when i had the headliner done - they did it as a sleeve which was stitched over the top & i was able to simple click them back in place

  8. Just now, fla said:

    Old thread - how do you remove the round seat recline knob? From the picture in the thread it suggests that there is some central screw, but i cant see how the centre can be accessed, it looks like a completely moulded piece. I've been around the inner disc with a jewellers screwdriver hoping that there was some release slot, but didn't find anything. Any suggestions?

    hi m8

    i think the centre part pops out of the round adjuster - either that or it just pops off & the bolt is underneath

  9. On 11/12/2022 at 10:30 AM, daves16v said:


    Anyone know if these are still available? 



    hi dave

    the last run was completed in july - at present there are no plans for another but if the numbers build i can ask the maker if he will do another

    normally need 10+ looms required

    i will keep an eye on this thread for requests

  10. 1 hour ago, 1xshaunx1 said:

    KW V3, aren’t harsh. Depends how you set them up, I’m very happy with mine for the last 5 years 10k mile. 

    I can’t see it fetching £24k either. 

    ive had my V1's for almost 90k miles now & love them

    the ride & performance they give you is great & on proper tarmac surfaces they are super smooth

    however, UK roads are terrible, most here know 17's kill the ride quality on a rado & also if your running gear & bushes etc are worn then ride quality can be terrible

  11. 23 hours ago, Keyo said:

    Guys I know for a fact toad Ai606 have been fazed out and they were the most reliable-  but my man in brum ceds alarms has a few left nos ones - give him a bell. CEDS brum you shall find google. Give him a calli he snapped up the last batch. 

    hi keyo - thanks for the info - does that guy fit them as well?

    im not far from him hopefully


  12. im in a similar position, although i believe i need Cat1 for agreed value next year

    i had a ring round end of last year & a few places were mentioning Sigma but what they were telling me didnt sit right

    when i 1st brought the 16v 20 odd years ago i had a mobile installer come & fit an alarm/immob to it - i remember it well as it was he who showed me how to tell if a car has "closure" capabilities.  the early models only close the windows when lock the door & hold the key in lock position, late models do sunroof as well.

    the point of this was he said he only had to attach 1 wire to the Sigma system & it would operate the full closure via the key fob

    skip to 20 years later & the last place i spoke to was saying i needed expensive additional controller boxes for a Sigma alarm to give full closure - the guy was even questioning if i knew my car had it built in

    as such i shant be using that place but i am hoping to find a solution this month so will post anything i find

  13. 6 hours ago, ABV-VR6 said:

    I looked at the sticky, all links don't work. Bit of an odd ball. So my heater was working on all 4 speed. Then I removed the dash to do the heater matrix and while I was there I replaced the green resistor "Febi" as a preventative maintenance. Now it only works on speed 4? Weird! Any idea what it could be? Defective, coincidence? Cheers 



    hi m8

    i have checked the wikky & the links worked for me - the site currently doesnt like some newer web browsers

    i have to use MS Edge as Brave wont work properly

    try this link for your issue Fan speed thermal fuse repair - THE Corrado Forum Knowledge Base (the-corrado.net)

    this was the fix we have stored for the fan speed 4 issue

    let me know if you can get it to load ok?

  14. 1 hour ago, tonedef said:

    Back when we first had it as an only car, we did tip runs, IKEA furniture collections, loaded the roof rack with timber…it was just a car.

    Now I think twice about going out if there are clouds!

    im the same with both of mine

    i used to go & collect wood cut offs for the fire in the 16v & would just pile it in the back 

  15. 15 hours ago, Cressa said:

    Are you changing the rear brakes for mk4 items too, or is that already done?

    hmmm - ive thought about it but apart from a slight hand brake improvement is there any other point?

    im more refreshing underneath rather than nut & bolt resto

    lots of hardware & solid items & things that are OK to re-use will be used again

    ive also got to account for a new Cat1 with full closure - anyone have any ideas on brand & model choices?  im thinking Sigma but the last place i spoke to was saying need extra boxes for the full closure, whereas i recall the guy who fitted the Sigma on my 16v many years ago say he only needed to connect 1 wire to enable full closure

    i also need to get the Modena's painted, rebuilt & tyres put on them - oh yeah & bolt on spacers front & rear

  16. thanks MJA - id not found that page on LLL

    good shout about the alternator too, mine could definitely do with a refub - do you have a record of how much it cost with them?

    i was thinking of new wishbones as not sure how the originals would be after sand blasting - any reason you say to refurb existing than buy new?

    yeah im aware it is going to be hunting around for lots of parts, im used to it after all these years with a corrado lol

    im sending it to my mechanic for the work, too much for me to do on a driveway

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