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  1. Came across two of these as I was clearing out the garage. Might be of interest and am open to offers. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203174507922
  2. That's me. All done. Sold all three cars and my vast collection of parts. Many thanks for the last 5 years.
  3. Yes, Ian, thanks. Can you PM me price please? Cheers, Andrew
  4. Looking for an undamaged, decent condition, working electric mirror switch, if anyone has one? Thanks, Andrew
  5. Looking for a full set of the three lower windscreen water deflectors for a late Corrado, per the picture below. Need to be undamaged and (ideally)in good cosmetic condition, though some sun fading might not be a total drama. Would like to see pictures of the items if possible. Please PM me with details. Many thanks. Andrew [ATTACH=CONFIG]78130[/ATTACH]
  6. Mine also mists. Lives on the road. I think this is a common Corrado problem possibly due to the vents in the three quarter panels and sills. I use silica bags when parked up, which help reduce the amount. On the move, I have Heko wind deflectors fitted and leave the windows cracked open but draft free. This keeps the windows mist free.
  7. This is good news. I would be interested in a set. Would it be possible to do something for the fog lights as well?
  8. Had a great day at the show on Friday. The CCGB stand was looking very good indeed. A fine effort by Eric, Ron and Jim.
  9. Just booked my tickets for this Friday and had a look at the show stand layout. Looks like the CCGB has got a cracking position (stand 7-340) on one of the main drags through Hall 7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]76362[/ATTACH]
  10. Hi Paul, S044121113 Thermostat £19.04 S038121119B Washer £2.42 TPS prices incl. VAT, with 10% discount. The "S" means superseded part numbers. Andrew
  11. I'll also go for green with red & blue, please.
  12. I'll take the very good script badge as well please (£15, one tab) presuming this is the one in the top photo?
  13. Yes, if the "good condition" chrome roundel has gone. Thanks.
  14. Can I take the other rear roundel, please?
  15. Can I take the aircon switch, please? Please PM payment details
  16. The smaller plastic screws ("press stud for door cards") are used to secure the rear cards (2 on each card), AFAIK. They are still available, but in beige only. I ordered one recently and just coloured it black using a black permanent marker pen. It's not visible anyway as they are hidden when the rear seats are upright. Part number is 253260130 and ask for a beige one.
  17. That's timely, thanks. Was only looking at this site yesterday: http://www.torchythebatteryboy.com
  18. I am very interested indeed in this if the OP is not.
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