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  1. Cannot believe what's happening to this car.Owned this year's ago loved it.
  2. Very nice to drive especially the s2 variant and turbo perfect handling and can be improved more with mo30 suspension Buy one with a full history and triple check the boDy work is in tip top condition.sills that are rusting can cost up to 700 quid a side.Also wings you cannot quite see the bottom lip that usually rots away.The electrics can be troublsome sunroof windows and 9 times out of 10 the digital clock is kaput.A good thing is they can be had for little money now a decent s2 or turbo for 5k
  3. Mighty glad your happy :clap: Even more so that the car has gone to an enthusiast and in the corrado circle and is going to be well maintained and looked after.They are awesome motors and i will be in the fold again maybe 4th time lucky and i hope i dont have to see 10 sheds before finding the next one :) Get some fresh pictures up :) Oh and i cannot take the credit it was the previous owned of 74 that you have to thank.I just finished it off
  4. 170k wow its wearing very very well :) :clap:
  5. this car will become an ornament if you clean it anymore and you wont drive it If you have money to burn though why not
  6. if money time and transport is no option obviously give it the full treatment
  7. i would be going for an e46 m3 there about 9k now for a 51 52 plater or a m535i diesel plenty good.
  8. Perfect thing for your car is a carcoon http://www.carcoon.co.uk/carcoons/index.asp for about 350 quid it will protect your car come rain or shine best thing i have seeen for a while easy to use if your storing your car and leaving it for a few months
  9. Thats 1 thing on a totally sorted car The rotary tips fail the fuel consumption is bad the depreciation is bad the tax is bad the oil consumption is bad the engines fail new starter motor coli packs costing around a grand from dealer If the car's not got upto full operating temperature it can flood the engine and takes about 15mins to start it faulty catalyst cause fires do i need to go on ???? but you take your chance with every car and one one person likes someone somewhere is bound to hate it .
  10. as vr6 lee said avoid at all costs
  11. I only commented on the car i didnt say mine was for sale i think neil made you an offer to buy his :) i think this is what you meant :D and the blackberry car looks great as someone said go see it in the metal
  12. dont know who owns it but for 3k it looks a bloody bargain :)
  13. Yes your car either has a problem or you are a nervous driver.
  14. Got the car back and what a job fresh paint on bumper wing wirrors and bonnet now all i need is a car bra :)
  15. Polished the car today then took it too the paint sprayers to get the bonnet bumper and wing mirrors painted (damm stone chips) but will be minty mint then. :clap:
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