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  1. I finally traced the problem to a melted part of the instruent cluster loom just behind the clocks. I spent an hour seperating the wires, re-insulated them and everything is back to normal. I still don't know what caused it, possibly a short in the circuit when the dashboard was being put back together after replacing the heater matrix. All is well now and a year later there are no further problems!
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220797151375
  3. No, I chucked it out as it made no difference on the rollers. A metre of 80mm ducting available for less than £10 from plenty of places though. Straight bolt on to the MAF with jubilee clips supplied.
  4. As above, had it on my VR6 for a year (awesome noise!) Just getting my car back to standard as it's for sale. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220796655749&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
  5. I think the accuracy of these figures has been widely discredited on other forums. 11 Storms? I can find more for sale right now!
  6. Looking for the boot hinge covers (black plastic) if you have them
  7. Looking for the boot hinge covers (black plastic) if you have them
  8. Haven't had a chance to put this together yet but I've still got a few hesitation issues under load, so I'll hopefully get it sorted in the next few weeks.
  9. I stand corrected... If we could get a decent number to sign up. I'm sure someone could make a few quid selling the spare ones on eBay. ...said the man in the orthapaedic shoes.
  10. Odd, I had a look today on vw-classicparts.de and using the wildcard nomenclature ***881378B, there is part number 191881378B available for Eur49.87. I think the 191 prefix is Mk2 Golf isn't it? By the rules of VW part numbering this should be the same as the Corrado part but I haven't got the cahunas to order it... yet!
  11. Roan

    Spongy Throttle

    Not really any more info. As the car's a daily driver I can't take bits apart too much to investigate but I looked on Vagcat and there's a few nylon washers at each end of the pedal box axle that could be worn. I'm not convinced they're the main culprits though - I reckon it's still the throttle cable itself. I'm going to check where it passes through the bulkhead more thoroughly and also see if I can lubricate inside the sleeve in the engine bay to see if that helps. I may be being a bit OCD-ish too, but coming from an Alpha-N modified E39 M5 the throttle response is on another planet...
  12. I'm taking apart an old coil pack this weekend and might get the new one together and on the car, but I'll report any progress ASAP.
  13. Roan

    Spongy Throttle

    I previously contributed to this thread as I have the same issue. I don't know if I'm being anal, but the spongy feel really annoys me. The fact that you (and I) can pull the throttle pedal up by a few inches would make me think the cable has stretched as the degree of movement can't just be down to poor adjustment as you can't adjust the mechanism that much! I'd love to try a new cable but I believe they're obsolete. I was wondering if it's a plastic washer or bushing in the pedal box itself that's the problem also...
  14. Part number 357711320 1bx from the dealers (I don't think they're obsolete yet) but they're also available from VW Classic parts for around Eur35 plus shipping.
  15. It'll be moisture/water in and around the plugs, leads and/or coil pack. Best to take them all off the car, dry them out overnight in the airing cupboard and reinstall. A split lead or coil pack is probably why the car has had idling problems etc in the past.
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