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  1. Sorry excuse the number but as I realise it was now wrong! Thanks

  2. Hi Andrew its Sam who contacted u earlier this yr in regards to your corrado! I lost your number so could never get back to you and also I'm not on the vans anymore so in never down your way anymore. I got your number of the corrado owners club. Is your corrado still avalible? I still would like to buy it and could pop down tomorrow if it's still available? Thanks

  3. ANDREW 30

    17 inch rx

    You could buy my corrado with the RX's ready fitted!!
  4. I made one thats fitted in mine i'll put a photo up in the next few days!
  5. I can't remember the parts numbers off hand but i've got a full set of new VR6 one's still in there original packets!
  6. I've got a new full rotrex C30-84 charger kit going, pm me if interested!
  7. I'm looking to sell mine as i've not used it in a while, it's dragon green and had fresh paint around 2 years ago with new roof rubbers. I'll have to check but i think the mileage is around 106k, but had a top end rebuild not long after i bought the car and i've put hadly any miles on it. It is'nt standard, it has 312mm front brakes, mk4 rear calipers, braided brake hoses, Koni TA shocks with H&R springs, Eibach ARBs, Rear strut brace, full Jetex exhaust DG autotech Uprated Headlight Loom, all red rears, TT wipers and also a gruppe m air filter. Oh it has a full black leather interior! I've got a few performance mods left unsold, that are new and unfitted that could be included if interested they are in my signature below!!
  8. Here you go best pic I could find:[ATTACH]70573[/ATTACH]
  9. I've been trying to get onto my photobucket account as that where my corrado pictures are , i've logged in but it's changed since I last used it and I can't see my pictures anywhere!!
  10. I've got a set of ABT's but not sure if they are the ones your talking about, i'll add a picture in a bit if I can find one.
  11. If I were you i'd grab the car, even if it's only worth say £1500 it's a whole load more than you've currently got or likely to get by the sounds of things. It would be a very expensive lesson learned tho!!
  12. I thought you'd recieved an inital payment, surely you can demand to have the car returned being he's not paid a dime.
  13. Surely taking the car back is the most straight forward option for yourself
  14. I had this happen a few minutes ago and a couple of times yesterday
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