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  1. The ad says to call him as he doesn’t spend time here.


    Thanks for trying!


    Yes, that spot. Itswas striped, welded and covered in underseal. Not much else you can do to a spot like that. The hole was only the size of a 50p piece.


    Price drop! 2900

    Now located in fairford, Gloucestershire

  2. Hey guys,

    Im going through a divorce so my corrado has to go. Its the car from this thred http://direct.the-corrado.net/showthread.php?41933-Kris-VR6


    Recent Pictures Here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmHfzHXM



    Good condition vr6, 189k miles, full service history,MOT till May 2020, full respray 4 years ago (same colour), stainless jetex exhaust system, kw variant 1 stainless steel coilovers and LOADS of spare stuff including internal trim, bonet bra, car cover.


    Bad bits are

    MOT advisory on brake lines

    Sunroof mech is broken


    Would make an excellent base for a project as it has little to no rust and a powder coated subframe.


    Looking for £2900 ono no px

    Im NEVER on here so please contact me via email at [email protected] or call on 07494916150

    I will also deliver to uk address provided you cover the cost of fuel

  3. It's a fair major project for someone anyway.


    Oft! sounds it!


    Drop links are there, it's just the bar is the wrong way round


    I'm sure I gave my mate a drop link kit to fit the bar upside down and then the anti roll bar goes under the wishbones or something like that! But it sounds like he just popped it on backwards... This is the same guy in my build thread that bent my torque wrench and snapped 2 sockets during this process... great guy.


    The tensioner and bolt where something i had to fire on her in an emergency about 3 years ago. Second hand tensioner and makeshift bolt so i't good you changed her out.


    That alternator is relatively "new".. but it has been sat a while. Double check its not the voltage regulator as again... that was second hand. Failing that it's either a dodgy earth or the brushes inside the alternator are rusty. I think the cars worst enemy was time tbh... sat idle collecting dust/rust.


    Hope It at least gets your other red one going! Those KW's are amazing once you have them on your car. I'd also like to hear the engine with that exhaust fitted if your up to taking a video! I reckon we'd all like to see that!


    GOOD LUCK! :thumbleft:

  4. I've got 4 Toyo Proxis on mine, it was a hot day and so many cars in front it wasn't worth overtaking

    yeah.. that average speed though :D


    I did about 1500miles with an average of 60ish... maybe if i had trundled along behind a lorry the entire way i might have done better. It's just a shock after driving the g60. I guess forced induction helps in more than just the power department!

  5. I get just shy of 30mpg in normal use, I've seen 40 stuck behind long trails of traffic at steady speed.


    I didn't check the tyres and i did have a passenger in the car... I'm also running 2 different types of tyres. One of which is toyo proxy's that i dont think are the best on economy...

  6. Haha top work! Looks tidy, we can't even say welcome back seeing as the dust is still settling from the last corrado leaving


    lol yeah... i didnt even expect that! guess I'll have to change my name though now right? :p

  7. And if light with the right foot it's fairly economical....

    I drove back from the Nürburgring last week in it and i was stuggling to get better than 30mpg... my g60 could get closer to 38mpg on a good day


    shes a nice drive though

  8. Did you know you fitted the anti roll bar on upside down lol?


    I thought I had drop links on the anti roll bar (or at least i should have...) When i was putting the sub frame back together I gave the task to my pal along with a pair of drop links... sounds like he didn't fit them!


    You know... I'm kinda tempted to buy it back off you! lol... I got a VR6 to replace it but i don't like the look of it... :bonk:


    Without those KW's thou it's not so desirable.


    BTW... I remembered that I was fiddling with the fuel mix on the engine. That might be why she runs a little rich/lumpy when hot. I recon if you tune it before selling you'll easily fix the problem :thumbleft:

  9. Hey Guys,


    So i sold the G60, went to a chap on the forum at least with the intention of working on her rather than breaking her which is a bonus. Very sad to see her go. but after i Sold her a got a little money from some inheritance and then something fortuitous happened

    I was offered a VR6 previously owned by my good friend Kris (http://the-corrado.net/member.php?8653-Kris). Shes in much better condition than the g60 was ever in but there is a few little things that will need to be done. Roof isn't working, calipers need replaced, couple of dents need addressed on the drivers side. But mostly... she is very clean. Was re-sprayed about 2 years ago so is generally rust free and well kept.



    God Knows how I'm going to afford this Car with a baby about... My wife isn't too happy either as she thought she would have at least a few years of Corrado free living but sadly i didnt manage even two months!



  10. Hey guys,


    I'm after some tumblers for my door handles. Not sure what numbers i need but i need enough to do both drivers and passenger side doors. If someone has a bag of assorted tumblers they wouldn't mind firing over I'll be happy to pay for postage and stuff and then send the bag back when i'm done. :o


    PM for details



  11. Is the rear bumper paint code LO41 black ? Any scratches?


    Would you do it for 70 posted :) ?


    Yeah its LO41, its been completely resprayed... its mint condition. so I'll take £60 at the least but not posted.... It'll cost me at least £20 for the courier.


    If you find a courier and organise a pick up date I'll consider 60





  12. Using as a daily just now - really need to get back to something more "daily". Then I can focus on the vr project. I just hate hanging around trying to sell cars. I'm effectively losing cash at the current price but want it cheap enough to get some interest. Zero viewing so far. I think it's a bargain motd g60 now.



    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    Get the name of the thred changed to reflect the new price to start with. Also, if you can remember all the things you've done detailing them in the thread might help. Living in scotland wont help you im afraid. I think it took a year or mor for Yan to sell his nugget and that was clean as fxxk. All cus he lives in Elgin or somewhere daft.


    I'm sure you'll get it sold at some point dude! ;)

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