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  1. Yes mate, I've still a few left.

  2. Now on Autotrader http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201701030967607
  3. Yes mate, cash flow problems, divorce is not a cheap hobby. Price..£1700
  4. For sale, my VW corrado, 1995, white, 2.0 8v. 122000 miles Loads of history, mot Aug 2017, full respray 4 years ago. Everything works includiyng the spoiler. Comes with very rare aftermarket a/c (needs gassing) Drives lovely and is economical. Message me for pics. (I can't upload them) Rog.
  5. Sorry guys, been busy and missed this, yes please I'll take it. Can you PM me some payment details please, I'll need it posting to Devon. Many thanks and again sorry to mess folk about. Rog.
  6. If Harrier doesn't have it I'd be interested but I'd need it posted, more than happy to pay the postage and for your time wrapping etc. Rog.
  7. Thanks fir the replies fellas, TBH I've not really driven the 8v much so as time goes on I might actually be happy with 115bhp..lol Had a Storm for a few years so done the VR thing and fancy a change, I've a PD130 golf for daily duties so 'Whitey' is my weekend fun car. The 20vT is an inch I feel I would like to scratch as I love turbo power but you know what, having owned a Mazda 3 MPS with 300 bhp I feel you can have 'too much' power, it was an awesome car but just didn't have the fun factor of making a lower power car go fast. The ABF conversion appeals to me as its not stupid expensive, seems to be fairly easy to do and can be 'undone' with ease and offers IMHO enough power to make a Corrado fun. Rog.
  8. Morning chums. I'm had my 8v 20 mins now and whilst it's an awesome little car it does need a tad more power, originally my plan was to tune the ADY engine but from doing a little bit of research it seems you need to spend some serious cash to get any decent power from the old ADY. I'm now considering an engine swap, I've had loads of ideas such as a 20vT but folk claim they are soul less to even a Honda 2.2 VTEC but I think on balance the 2.0 16v ABF engine looks like a good choice. So has anyone any experience of running a ABF rado? Is it an easy swap? Is the ABF tuneable etc. Rog.
  9. Sorry mate I can't, it was a right pain to get the VR6 stickers done with several prototypes at £5 a **** until we got it right. Rog.
  10. Or I can do you a sticker if you already have a badge but it's in poor condition. Rog.
  11. Badges where added by dealers so they could have anything on them. I've a 130 GTTDI and it's just badged as a TDI but with the DI in red. Rog.
  12. I can smell the dog sh!t from here...lol
  13. Evening all, As some of you may well know I split from my wife earlier this year and ended up having to sell my mystic storm... Well things have picked up for me, I'm now in a new relationship and I'm in the process of buying a new house, also I'm now able to have another hobby car. So I set my heart on a nice mk2 golf GTI but you know what, once you've owned a Rado you just can't get them out of your system so when a nice little 8 valve came up for sale local I knew I just had to go and see it. As it happens the previous owner works in my depot and I've actually seen the car loads of times before so I got a good low down on it. And then when I turn up to view I find that the seller is actually my dentist...lol Anyway I fall in love with it and end up buying it, I'm chuffed to bits to be a rado owner again.
  14. Just picked up a new batch, PM me if anyone wants one. Rog.
  15. Evening chums. I've currently run out but there seems to be interest so I'm getting another batch made up. Please watch this space. Rog.
  16. Yes mate, I've still got a few red ones here, PM me and I'll give you my PayPal details. Rog.
  17. I could ask if they would do a one off blue sticker but it might cost a little more. Rog.
  18. I've got my old headliner kicking about in the garage, the material has 90% fallen off so it would be easy to get it all off. Free to a good home if someone wants to have a go at recovering without messing up their fitted one. Also I know Dan at devondubshack has at least one rado headliner in his stock (because I had the other...lol) Rog.
  19. I've got set of brand new SP263 cams for sale.... http://vr6parts.com/onlinestore/index.php/volkswagen/vr6/12-valve/cylinder-head-valvetrain-parts/12v-vr6-camshaft-set-263-street.html Basically I got these delivered to my hotel when I was on holiday in the states last year, this was the cheapest way of getting a set.. Stealth wanted over £550.. So as my Storm has now been sold these are up for sale. Just want to get my money back, ended up costing me £370 so I'm asking £380 delivered within the UK. Rog.
  20. I've still got a few red ones left, although I can get more silver if anyone wants one. Rog.
  21. Got picked up last night.. Really pleased with the new owner, I know he is going to look after old stormey. I'm pleased it's sold as I need to move on with my life but I must admit I did have a lump in my throat, going to miss that car, loved every minute of it even the bad times..I've already had a quick look on eBay at another...I'll be back.....lol Rog.
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