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  1. Thanks lilfuzzer, I've pm'd you.
  2. On air con model I think it should still be on the side of the heater blower but will be a slightly different resister pack vornwend.
  3. Yeah this is common failing and most annoying problem on these switches, its a rather poor design really. I've retro fitted an early unit before which don't have this issue on one of my previously owned later rado's a real nasty job and would not recommend this. Another option you can do however it is still a little labour intensive but not beyond the scope of an enthusiast - is to purchase a brand new speed only switch from an early Corrado shared with that from a golf mk2 / Porsche 924 etc and splice this into the loom deleting the old crappy copper contact one with the carbon track, then modify the back of the original switch to fit on using a bonding agent then cleverly using a small grub screw hidden on the side tapped on to the early switch using a small piece of brass rod and a small plate to help secure it to the later surround plate/bracket for the switching. You can also even use a block spade connector to plug onto the original part of the dash loom to leave a nice tidy job. This is slightly faffy but does permanently sort the problem, often as stated previously you can fall lucky and just require a new thermal fuse easy purchased for penny's from 'maplins' if going down this route however ensure you get a good connection on the contacts when soldering and don't get it to hot and blow the resister pack in the process. Sometimes just a good clean and tweaking does sort the contacts though on the original speed control, it just depends how much it's previously been buggered about with. I believe old stock units may still be available new from classic vw for a handsome sum but may well be for the left hand drive cars only. I need to post the pictures of this mod sometime a much cheaper and permanent solution. Hope this helps a bit, they are dam poor design really on an otherwise decent engineered dash.
  4. I now have my 2.0 8v corrado up for grabs, she's in lovely rust free condition with many new parts and has low mileage, drives beautifully and tight. It's on eBay currently only having to sell as I already have another rado and can't justify owning 2 of them now I require a diesel. Any questions just give me a shout, not many of these little 8v's left, seems to state only 67 left on how many left. com. These make a great regular driver over a more fuel thirsty VR6 and still retain all the looks and handling with loads of torque. Thanks for looking. Jules 07901 715237 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322680914539
  5. I'd been holding onto these for a while for future projects, lovely condition no marks or shrinkage of viynl, have come from a low mileage VR6 and stored since the late nineties- having a clear out.. looking for £70 ...collection preffered Sheffield. Many thanks Julian 07901715237 Also on eBay http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vw-Corrado-Door-Card-Set-Black-Mint-X4-/322548135705?hash=item4b195df719%3Ag%3AlPAAAOSwPWRZOeEy&_trkparms=pageci%253A4f889a13-4cc5-11e7-9b8f-74dbd180744f%257Cparentrq%253A8aefec5a15c0a9e86d37ad9dfffe3e40%257Ciid%253A10
  6. They never had door cards when I bought them unfortunately many years back, I would have grabbed them also but didn't want the seats to go as they were from a low mileage write off and so good. I imagine daftly the door cards were sold seperate as no doubt some one obviously offered a good price for them something I never do, I like to keep the interiors together- the plan was to get the black cloth cards done with a black leather insert done with a diagonal stich with slight pad to them as per OEM. Had a quote from my local trimer of 100-150 pounds to get this done, he knocks out quality work, If any one wishes to go down this route let me know I recommend this trimmer who's done a lot of work for me previously on my mk1 golf gti interiors. Obviously probably only of use if local to the sheffield area. Cheers Jules
  7. Yes, I've got a full leather black heated interior- mint but no door cards. Just posted and check http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vw-Corrado-Black-Leather-Heated-Interior-Front-Rear-seats-Rare-/322511074309?hash=item4b17287405%3Ag%3AdW4AAOSwYvFZEgva&_trkparms=pageci%253Ac24f5ebb-351b-11e7-b6bf-74dbd180149a%257Cparentrq%253Aefdd271f15b0ab4d6d34db42fffffaf3%257Ciid%253A6
  8. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vw-Corrado-Black-Leather-Heated-Interior-Front-Rear-seats-Rare-/322511074309?hash=item4b17287405%3Ag%3AdW4AAOSwYvFZEgva&_trkparms=pageci%253Ac24f5ebb-351b-11e7-b6bf-74dbd180149a%257Cparentrq%253Aefdd271f15b0ab4d6d34db42fffffaf3%257Ciid%253A6 Lovely rare black heated leather interior - plug and play would suit any mint corrado. Contact Julian 07901715237
  9. Just received today and fitted already, absolutely fantastic replacement, as per original and fitted with ease, could not be more pleased! Awesome sprinter52! Thanks again Julian
  10. Wanted. Good condition drivers side door seal. Body door perimeter type i.e. the one that goes around door opening and attaches to body.?? Thanks Julian 07901715237
  11. Hi, please can I have an early set of these if you have some left. Uk buyer. Thanks Julian
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