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  1. Well I eventually got the tool from eBay. Problem was that the jaws didn't open wide enough to deal with the new clips when they were relaxed. After a few minutes trying to hold the pliers between my knees and open up the clip so it would fit I tried a different tack. Using the handles of the pliers not the jaws I was able to get the two ends close enough to be able to use the jaws, to I got that far and slipped the clip onto a steel travel cup which held the clip in the right position so I could then use the pliers as intended. Having done that is was easy!
  2. I have ordered the tool and hope it makes it easier.
  3. Hi there - Golf TDi question. Power is sometime being limited which I believe is down to a split in the turbo intercooler boost air intake hose. Bought one plus the two spring clamps but because I don't have super human hands I can't remove the ones or fit the new ones. Do I need a set of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Professional-Flat-Band-Hose-Clamp-Pliers-Tool-/110694572311?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item19c5e92117 to avoid a world of pain or is there something else I can do? Thanks in advance
  4. And the update today is that it's fine on the motorway again but a bit "kangaroo fuel" around 30 mph. plus the Check Engine Light came on this morning and it says Garage Emissions! Deep joy!
  5. Booked in for Monday for timing belt and water pump and to investigate this issue. Question about the MAF, which was new a few months ago. I started the car up at lunchtime and then unplugged the MAF connector - NO difference at all. Can rev the same with or without it . . . . does this tell me anything? Or does it just tell the forum I don't know what I am talking about?
  6. MAF was a genuine part yes. filled up with diesel and did the 50 miles to work, motorway fine, no power problems but last 3 miles through town it was jerky around 30 mph. Will be calling the garage soon!
  7. Been serviced by a home tuning enthusiast. last two years has had the right oil for sure as it has been serviced right had a new MAF 3 months ago, no warning lights. loads of smoke before the new MAF and now hardly any smoke off to the garage soon anyway as needs a new belt and water pump and maybe a new turbo!
  8. Looking back through the history it had a new turbo at 60k and again at 100k. Now at 143k is it time for another turbo?
  9. http://reallymeansounds.com/forum/threads/vw-golf-2-0-tdi-2006-limp-mode-when-accelerating-over-60mph.158739/ suggest turbo too!
  10. Thanks chaps, does seem turbo related I guess. Will have look in the light tomorrow.
  11. Former corrado vr6 owner here, looking for advice from the real vw experts. Driving home tonight, M2 and M25 for 45 miles, the TDi 4mo felt a bit fluttery on the throttle or was it wind buffeting? Then I realised I was slowing down and was at 60 mph at 2k rpm with the foot flat to the floor. Dropped to fifth and can get to 2.5k but not getting past 60. Dip clutch and I can Rev to the red line. Drop to fourth and I can get 3k but still only about 60. Up the long drag from junction 7 to 8 I had to drop to third and could only just do 40. Over the hill and down slope towards j9 I can eventually creep to 70. On the side roads to home it's not so obvious but down on power and acceleration. Very confused, no warning lights ..... Clutch? 143k miles on the clock. Would need to check history for clutch change if at all. Turbo? Need some advice please.
  12. The seat belt repair man has been and replaced the mechanism for £100 plus VAT - I got a discount for having removed the trim. This was three weeks faster than VW could help me and I suspect a third of the price! Only wrinkle is the air bag light that is on . . . suspect the fault code generated by the sensor being unplugged needs to be cleared with VAG COM
  13. Cheers Portent, may look at this lot to sort the problem on my behalf! http://www.seatbeltservice.co.uk/mobile-service.htm
  14. I think it's going to need a 55 ? Not sure TBH. Think I need to bite e bullet and just get it replaced. thanks for the offer portent Are the stealers likely to carry seat belts on the shelf? I can probably manage one day out of the office to get it fixed
  15. With the help of http://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/Volkswagen_Golf_GTI_Mk_V/106-BODY-Interior_Panel_Removal/106-BODY-Interior_Panel_Removal.htm# this I have coaxed the panels off but can't seem to do anything with the seat belt mechanism. Can't remove it due to lack of BIG torx bolt and shops all shut
  16. Hi corrado people. I am back for some guidance because the technical knowledge and willingness to help vw owners has always been first class on this forum. my drivers seat belt on my 3dr mk5 golf has got well and truly stuck. any tips on accessing it and freeing it up please? The ratchet is not letting the belt feed out. Don't want to break anything or deploy side airbags etc. Any help gratefully received. thanks in advance Jon (former corrado vr6 owner)
  17. About a Golf Mk5 but you guys are so knowledgeable generally. Rear brake backing plate / shield thing has come loose. What a racket it makes! Anyway because I'm not great with the tools I don't want to take the brakes off to remove it (as a short term measure) but because it doesn't have a gap (it's a complete circle) I can't just wiggle it off. I was wondering if I would be able to cut a bit out of it where it is quite narrow with tin snips? Do you think that will work? Also my rear damper bump stops are in very poor condition - is this a serious issue? Or not too concerning? Thanks in advance!
  18. It has been great thanks. And thanks for the short shifter and door striker pin mending - I was talking about these things to the new owner this morning. New owner is new on here having popped up looking for a Corrado. I have now got a Mk5 golf GT TDI 4motion as my more modern and practical vehicle.
  19. It's all over. Corrado ownership has been great but time to move on. Good luck to the new owner. In this case it was "first to see will buy".
  20. Sorry ! ---------- Post added at 8:53 AM ---------- Previous post was at 8:48 AM ---------- I have had very few problems and paid for a lot of preventative maintenance but I am in that stage now where I need to modernise and get a bit more practicality. It will hurt to see it go and the DG mods have been great. The next owner will get a good load of improvements.
  21. VR6 | Flash Red | Ashtead, Surrey - just off J9 M25 Price: £3,000 ono Description: My gallery thread is here http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?47218-Flash-Red-1993-VR6 [ATTACH=CONFIG]72794[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]72795[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]72796[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]72850[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]72851[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]72852[/ATTACH] These pics are before the splitter was replaced. Will update more fully very soon Highlights are 82k miles Chains, clutch replaced by DG Autotech Gearbox rebuilt by the bloke next door to DG Autotech DG fast road cams DG remap DG headlamp loom Uprated brakes all round plus hand brake cables replaced - all by DG Very good speedlines and tyres - plus two spare speedlines with tyres Undamaged 90 mm splitter Recent Jetex exhaust Bilstein B4s all round Numerous bushes New Aux water pump New MAF Battery and leads have been changed - lots has been done to this car under the guidance of Dave and Graham and plenty of money spent. Dave16V has provided me with his EXCELLENT short shifter and the door handle repair Have cleaned it quite regularly with Auto Glym products - SRP and wax etc and looks good in the sunlight. Cloth interior bad bits - radio is ok but FM only as I suspect there is some wrong wiring to the aerial stopping MW reception. Imagine an easy fix. Stone chips, a few light scratches and a couple of car park dings - the usual for a 20 year old car. Suspect someone more handy than me could sort these out. Box of random bits including cracked 90 mm splitter Just got it's MOT Some tax left MORE DETAILS Heater - yes it's fine but one of the dials is a bit stiff in certain positions but they all work fine - probably just old age - the the heater is fine and leak free. Service history is a bit patchy - there are a few years where a "Home Tune" man has done some servicing. (A man with a van who comes round to your house and does it on the drive). Hence why had DG do a full overhaul on it. I therefore consider that despite the patchiness the care and attention in the last three years makes up for it. Sunroof is there and slides and tilts, mirrors fine (I cleaned the switch a couple of years ago and they work), windows are fine too. ICE is a let down - a kenwood head unit which I think is suffering from strange wiring and the speakers are standard. Alarm is a clifford concept 300 with two blippers. I have loved the Corrado ownership but with the need to drive further afield for work on a regular basis and start chauffeuring my elderly parents around it's time for a change. More details to follow.
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