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  1. I'd certainly be up for that. I like that this forum is generally enthusiastic for a variety of makes and marques and not just blindly interested in JUST the Corrado. Supercharged does indeed still have a brace of Corrado's though I know one of them hasn't moved in quite a few years.. he's been kept busy with real life and work and stuff which is why he's a very infrequent visitor here these days.
  2. I'm not even sure if anyone else even moderates the place any more beyond me and I was away from a computer most of the weekend. I'll rename you shortly.
  3. Jetting out for a week in northern Italy a week today.. though the forecast looks like it might have dropped to slightly more sensible levels by then!
  4. Will try remember to sort this over lunch for you.
  5. Nice - good find! Will have to have a watch of that later :)
  6. I was 50/50 about going because I'm only just back off holiday.. but will be going just for the day, on the Sunday. I think Eric is planning to passenger with me.
  7. Tempest had the same happen on his MK1 Scirocco. Kinda harder to find parts for those cars too... so since then, as a preventative measure, actually had an extra latching safety "chain" installed on the bonnet, kinda like the chain you have on your front door. So in the event the latch fails, the safety chain should just about hold the bonnet if it flies open. I've come close to having it happen on a couple of cars including my current E39, almost always because I just gently latched the bonnet prior to moving the car after doing some work, then forgetting to push it down and latch it. Then driving down local A road at about 60 I notice the bonnet moving up and down and hastily slow down and pull over to push it shut, and thank my lucky stars!
  8. Nightmare.. something I was always terrified could happen on my Corrado! Hope you get it sorted with the minimum of fuss.
  9. Quoted for truth. I think of the almost entirely positive community we had here.. then I look at some of the garbage people post on Facebook and on YouTube comments, etc.. it's like a different world!
  10. Well, I'm still here.. just minus a Corrado!
  11. OK - I'll speak on your behalf? The forum is great because it lets the CCGB continue to advertise events and merchandise on it, to a larger audience of Corrado owners, for free? :) And the CCGB is great because it has money to organise events, buy merchandise, and actual nominated committee members responsible for handling such things. Personally speaking.. neither the club or the forum is going to survive longer term if they don't get their **** together with regards to co-operation and working together for the benefit of all Corrado owners.
  12. I dunno.. I can't really warm to Farrah. I don't find him particularly insightful as a motoring journalist if I'm honest. He's an enthusiast like many of us, and he's comfortable in front of a camera.. and that's about as far as I'd go. But it's always good to see a Corrado getting screen time.
  13. I believe Heritage were looking to reproduce OE style headlight protectors - I know because Anna bought my old OE set from me! :)
  14. That's part of what makes this forum good - plenty of enthusiasts wanting to help out other enthusiasts.. they're not here to make money out of people. They just want to keep these cars on the roads.
  15. Jim

    Trolley jack points

    I have an old Corrado top mount I use on mine - has been pretty good and still in perfect shape!
  16. They never fitted quite as nice as the OE ones and had a noticeably more boxy look to them - but they worked absolutely fine and are well worth the money!
  17. It just annoys me that people are so willing to try and RIP OFF other people with such ridiculous pricing.
  18. Car is an early valver IIRC so I think we can rule out the built in / factory immobiliser as I think that's a VR specific issue.
  19. Jim

    Running hot

    Ah yes - that is fairly normal to see coolant going through that pipe into the expansion tank :)
  20. Jim

    Running hot

    102 for oil is fine. That's normal. Could you take a picture of the leak that you mean? The radiator system should be completely sealed - there should be no leaks anywhere so if you're actually seeing coolant leaking out then there's a problem :)
  21. Unfortunately that strip of metal is actually part of the slam panel assembly.. so isn't just replaceable by itself :(
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