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  1. Car now sold.Thanks to all for the interest. B/Sword
  2. Posted earlier today now sold, many thanks for the interest. B/Sword
  3. Apologies. Did not intend to have folk guessing. I am in Scotland.Near Linlithgow so easily accessible via motorway network. B/Sword
  4. I purchased the car in 1995 with 56 K on the clock.This car has been garaged for ten years. Its available to a good home for a bottle of malt. Its done 129K. Its last(very short) outing was about 2 years ago after fitting a new power steering drive belt. A change in circumstances means I need to dispose of the car rather than refurbish it. As Rado lovers know just about anything can be fixed. Good Points. FD and Bosch SH to 116K. Cam Belt done at 81K. Decoke and head ported at 94K. No major rust that I'm aware of. Bad Points. The car won't start. Strongly suspect cylinder head blown. Drivers side rear caliper removed and therefore braking and handbrake u/s. Sunroof tilt worked when last tried, no slide. Bonnet paint delacquering. Drivers seat bolster gubbed. Heater Matrix needs repair/renewed. Wing Mirrors move if they feel like it. Reversing light dont work. Cant seem to lock the boot. I cannot upload pictures but I can text them to interested mobiles. Ta.
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