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  1. I'm a newbie in Vancouver Canada. Photo of my stock '95 VR6, if that helps. We have the ugly US headlights with blanked off driving lights, and the "fogs" next to the indicators are also dummies. I've grafted in Bosch Pilot 100 driving lamps with lots of Dremel work and grinding off of the glass rims of the Bosch lamps.
  2. Stephan

    VR6 ABS relay

    Wipers work fine. Locked wheels in the wet today and ABS didn't activate :( Elsewhere someone posted that the sensors at the wheels could be acting up if ABS light comes on intermittently. I'll check that this weekend.
  3. My VR6 behaved exactly the same way. Replacing all the little vacuum hose connections (about seven of 'em) around the engine, followed by resetting the ECU solved it. - The ECU goes to weird settings to try and compensate for the wayward readings it is getting from the leaky vacuum connections. Stephan
  4. Stephan

    VR6 ABS relay

    Hi Kev Thanks for your suggestions. I'll check the fuses, but I'm suspicious of the relays. Hope it isn't the pressure failing, that would likely require ABS pump replacement - ouch! Stephan
  5. Stephan


    Problem seems to be solved now, but my experience FWIW with low power and engine cutting out abruptly on my '95 VR6. Because of the very high under-hood temps which the VR6 runs at, the 1/8" rubber vacuum hoses crack, or leak, when they lose elasticity. Replaced the ones on the exh. side with silicone tubing (from your friendly local model airplane shop) and the front ones with the pucca stuff with the woven fabric coating. Reset the ECU, and she runs beautifully again. Stephan
  6. Stephan

    VR6 ABS relay

    My '95 VR6 has made some buzzing noises under the hood with ignition on, now ABS light comes on and my ABS pump motor seems to be running all the time. Seems there are two relays controlling this - where are they on the fuse-board exactly? (Think one is under the hood, actually.. Stephan
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