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  1. Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't the spolier actually to reduce the drag Co and hence improve speed and fuel consumption? I don't think it was ever designed to perform any kindly of downforce/stability. Look at the wind tunnel pictures on the Corrado Club website http://www.corradoclub.org
  2. Look at it from the other side. If someone hit you and their insurance was invalid how would you feel. (i presume an insurer will not pay out to a 3rd party?)
  3. The Veyron is for sale, so, one of those. A Porsche Cayenne. I know but have you have driven one? An Aston DB9 (Soft and Tin Top) My old Storm back. Both of Murci's incl the new SE (despite what Plato said on 5th gear!)
  4. Post a query on the CCGB forum and PM me your details. I can arrange a CCGB cover letter. http://www.corradoclub.org/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=15
  5. I'm working on the gallery bit. There are several hundred pics on the CCGB server but I need to alter quite a few of the file names so they work with the gallery page. I'm also looking at a way to upload pics and that still works with the gallery. Remember, I'm an tax adviser not a web designer so i'm learning on the Job. Stick with me! (but i'm pretty pleased with my efforts so far! :) ) Oh, and which browers don't like the site?
  6. It's live. http://www.corradoclub.org
  7. The good news is that I have finished the Beta version of the site and will have it live tomorrow (Sunday 11th). Just looking for typo's etc... Hope you all like it. Bit basic at the mo but you will be able to see where its going. Also built in Flash so shouldn't be any page loading/sizing problems. It's 00:45 in the morning and i'm off to bed. Try the site again, say, mid afternoon.
  8. Ops, yep sorry about the Estoril. Saw the car on as US website. I've tracked down images for all bar the Estoril. Anyone have any?
  9. Is the Estoril not just a US spec Jet?
  10. Joking aside, the site will be back in a new, userfriendly, format by the weekend.
  11. God, that site is offline again. This time for an 'update'. The webmaster must be a right muppett!
  12. Can anyone point me in the direction of a couple of pics for the new CCGB website. Ideally looking for press images (or standard cars) for the following: Campaign Storm Jet Other special editions (i.e. karmann soft top) Not found much on Google.
  13. That can't be true. Someone ring up the DVLA.
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