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  1. Cheers for the advice chaps, I'd love to have the eurospec box but it's quite a investment especially after adding a lsd, the car will be a weekend road toy as it's got so much money going into it that tracking it would worry me too much!
  2. I'm sure this has been plenty covered and I honestly have been searching but am getting somewhat confused!! final drives, tdi fifth gears, 02m 6 speed box with altered ratio's/final drives, etc, etc...... I'm getting close to having my respray finished and am starting to look at sourcing the R32/A3/TT donor car but before I do finally buy something I'm wondering whether it's worth looking specifically for a manual car because of already having a gearbox to start with and no dual mass flywheel etc to worry about but also have been told on few times that the final drive with the 02m box will end up with me doing 70mph at 4k and so on... At the moment i'm leaning towards sticking with the original VR6 box (with maybe adding a lsd) just to get the car on the road and mess about with the gearbox later, god knows the engine conversion and respray will have caused enough hassle and expense by then!!! So, my question is this: What are people experiences with creating a good workable box for the R32 conversion? Changing ratio's, final drive, 5 speed or 6 speed, all input is appreciated Cheers....
  3. I've just done what maybe I should of done in the first place and Googled the same question and found the answer, as suspected it's down to engine management choices e.g. standalone, factory me7 etc, etc..... look before asking doh!
  4. Hi, please forgive my ignorance but as I'm currently looking to convert to R32 once my cars out of the bodyshop I've been doing a lot of reading up on the in's and out's of the conversion. One thing I've been wondering is that given the reported problems of harsh throttle response and trouble dialing in the necessary DBW pedal, what are the negatives of using a aftermarket cable throttle body? I'm assuming there must be issues with correct communication with the ecu etc but thought it might be worth investigating....?
  5. As per title, very interested if anyone has one, don't care if carbon or fibreglass and as long as it's not snapped in half any condition considered
  6. Ed21

    Audioscape door pods

    I'd definitely be interested if they could be moulded
  7. Hi Ron, yes still available please give me a call on 07983403655 for further info.
  8. Cheers for the advice chaps, annoyingly I did have a bloke come into my workshop a few months back asking for tint quotes on his new S4 and his wife's A6 Avant, we got talking and he told me he'd brought the S4 to replace his mk4 r32 he'd just had rear ended and written off. I said I'd be interested in the car and he said he'd be back in to book and we could discuss it then, I never took his number as I was busy and assumed he'd be back, it's been months now and I'm kicking myself for losing a good chance to get a whole car I could of offset some of the purchase cost with labour, just willing him to walk back in........
  9. Have to admit that the cash isn't quite there for it yet as spending a small fortune on a respray currently but when the car does eventually come out the bodyshop there is a gaping hole where there used to be a VR6 that needs to be filled..... Really just testing the water to see whats out there, know there are loads on Egay but would like to find a engine that I can trust the history on, will also be needing all necessary conversion parts like loom, ecu etc and possibly a six speed box.
  10. As per title I'm after a pair of front black leather seats or possibly a full interior, any condition considered.
  11. As per title i'm after a pair of door pods Audioscape or similar, In no rush and will consider any condition.
  12. I have for sale my 1994 low mileage (86k) VR6 engine as it's been pulled to make way for a R32. It's had the chains, guides and tensioner done and the head reconditioned with new exhaust valves all less than 2k ago. However there is a problem in that it has a significant misfire which through the process of elimination of changing plugs, leads, coilpack, compression test etc, etc leads me to believe that it's a stuck injector. The car has been in dry storage for the past 4 years and did run perfectly prior to being layed up, I did try to cure the misfire prior to pulling the engine with aforementioned changing of plugs, coilpack etc but the car is being fully resprayed and needed to be stripped so ran out of time/inclination. Selling as a complete unit with all ancillaries, sensors, alternator, competition ht's, x2 coilpacks, etc, etc. Not really sure what it's worth, would like to get circa £350 for it, I know it must be worth much more in parts alone but obviously the misfire is a big unknown for any potential new owner and I may be shooting above the mark..... let me know??? If it doesn't get interest at reasonable money I'll prob strip the valuable/new bits and scrap it. I'd prefer to be contacted by phone (07983403655) or email [email protected] as don't often visit the forum but messages on here are obviously welcome. Located in Tunbridge Wells, Kent Cheers Ed
  13. Hi mate, I've tried to reply to your message a couple of times regarding the swg and cams but for some reason i don't think they're getting to you. Definitely would like the swg regardless of fading and might be interested in the cams if you want to give me a price. I'm rarely on the forum so probably better to contact me directly on my business email [email protected] as I'll pick it up immediately.


    Cheers Ed

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