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  1. JT

    My new G60

    no bud still for sale... it's got to go too.. i've now lost my job :(
  2. man I'm so pleased I found this thread I have the same problem it's enough to make me want to get out and walk, I need both parts tho 16 and 16a, I just have a hole in the boot I have the plastic bit it sits on just not actul pin :( if anyone has one and I'm not jumping any qeue i really Need one before I go crazy:) **update I've just ordered the rubber cap that's goes on the sprung pin from vag for 14p but they say the sprung pin is out:( anyone got one?**
  3. JT

    lambda suppliers

    Not so sure other than the one specific for a non cat may have a wider band for adjustment as there is no cat in place.
  4. i needed a new one for my G60.. i can really recommend this guy for genuine bosch items? arrived next day. these are specific for the G60 but obviously they do all bosch items. incl: mafs too. bosch 0258003165 (for one with cat) delivered for £60:81 bosch 0258003169 (for one without a cat regardless of weather it should have one, if you have a bypass fitted this is the one to have) delivered for £61:61 http://www.emissioncontrols.co.uk
  5. JT

    My new G60

    anytime furkz :)
  6. JT

    My new G60

    ha it's a very small world :) its a really nice part of the world if you have to be in the capital :(
  7. mmm.. hadn't thought of that can anyone measure there caps that do fit and let me know the depth?
  8. with the centre caps.. what size are people using as there are some in 175mm and some in 165mm, i have measured my steelies and i would say that they could both fit?
  9. JT

    My new G60

    cheers, yeah it worked out really well in the end and he was really chuffed with them, nice guy.
  10. was it these guys? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SLIM-LINE-RADIATO ... 286.c0.m14 if it was what size did you go for?
  11. JT

    My new G60

    boost monkey- cheers my last g had them too and i really like them especially when you see them next oe ones.
  12. i know in the past i got mine from GSF.. if i remember correctly the part no. 93478 .. think i may well put one in mine too thinking about it :) what make is you slim line fan and who did you get it from? if you dont mind me asking.
  13. JT

    My new G60

    bally- yep it is, the wheels really weren't me ... phil k- cheers bud g60karmann- yeah, not going to change much else just given it a good service, bought a few bits and pieces and want to get some centre caps for the steels, otherwise just enjoying her the way she is :)
  14. JT

    My new G60

    well after 2 years away i have finally returned to the fold... some of you may know the car.. i'm very happy with it, had to sort a few niggles and remove some very rubbish wiring, but its always been the same with every C ive owned.. glad to be back.
  15. boost monkey- cheers for your help bud, i went and ordered them from the dealers so all sorted..
  16. yeah man thats the one... need one of the those for the passenger seat...:) will get you a pick of the button fixings tom first thing... :)
  17. toad.. many thanks bud.. that was a result... now does anyone know the part number for the really stupid screw on clips.. the ones that hold the centre console on and then you screw the top section to it.. there like like buttons with a groove cut into them for using a screwdriver with? they are also used behind the rear seats if you fold them down you can see them holding on the the rear quarter interior trim... and another ... on the seats you have the usual rear clips (the ones that always break) but on the front in the middle where the runner is the is also a plastic one that the seat slides over but cuts out any movement at the front.. does anyone know what i mean? i need some new ones...
  18. man this forum never seizes to amaze me.. that's great cheers
  19. can anyone help me with the part number for standard vw wheel bolts... there to go on my 4x100 hundred hubs its a 92 G60 so i need a pack of 16 unless they sell them separately as i actually only need 12. the tapers on the existing bolts dont match up with my new steels?..
  20. can some one tell me... the black centre covers do they just push over the bolts ie can anyone just pull them off? the silver centre caps do they just clip in? and finally is it one or the other or do both fit on at the same time?
  21. JT


    couldn't recommend them enough. you won't be disappointed
  22. well i was interested in how you work it out because you want more money for a G60 with only suspension, stage 4 charger, sns chip. with a 28 year old owner 9 years no claims and 3 points living in wiltshire.. than you do for a 23 year old with 3 years no claims running a 300 bhp turbo'd valver!!!..i cant see how that works out really!!
  23. i rang up for a qoute on a G60 with the usual mods, stage 4, sns, suspension, exhaust etc 28 FNCB etc etc and you were by far one of the most exspensive... very nice and efficient but by no means saving me a average of 15%...! to be honest i was shocked at exactly how much i have been qouted recently..
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