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  1. Don't suppose you have both the vibration damper pulley and the regular G60 one? If they're both the same circumference and offset then either should work (theoretically!) Also now just wondering if the G60 Crank/Water Pump pulleys could be used with a spacer?
  2. Right I've boiled down 2 maybe 3 options, ABF/AGG Alternator (Spring or Tensioner Arm) Then: 028 121 031K - Water Pump Pulley 037 105 243A - Crankshaft Pulley/Vibration Damper(Anybody know if this is inter changable with 037 105 255A - G60 crank pulley?) Or 037 121 030A - Water Pump Pulley (G60 ribbed style) 06A 105 243F - 1.8T 06A Crank Pulley (Requires 6.2mm Spacer when fitted to 16v timing setup, 12.2 for a setup on an 8V) You can buy lightened aluminium versions of both the above from what it looks like as well, I believe both setups also require slightly longer bolts for mounting the alt bracket to the waterpump, and the crank pulley. Water Pump / Alternator bracket mounting studs: 028 260 821 028 260 821 A 028 260 821 C
  3. Already gone! Got fed up of trying to track down OE parts for the power steering, and got fed up of throwing rubbish aftermarket parts so I fitted a mk2 manual PAS rack, my inner water pump pulley was already a solid unit, so didn't have to worry about that either. Corsa electric rack will be fitted at some point in the future instead.
  4. I know! Belts swapped a few different times, tried different v profiles, manufacturers, then after a week or less same squealing. Pulleys all appear to run true as well. I just have a bnit of a cursed car I think! Think I've narrowed down the parts list though. Mk3 2.0 8v crank pulley 12v VR6 Water Pump Pulley EGG/ABF Alternator and matching bracket (Spring tensioned vs pulley tensioner)
  5. Anybody done a ribbed belt conversion to a KR engine? My aux belt whines while driving, if I slacken it, then it squeaks on idle, and it's driving me nuts! The only real consensus I've managed to find is that I need to use a Mk3 8v (or early 16v) alternator with the tensioner spring, rather than the ABF one which may foul on the chassis leg. Just not able to find any real definitive info on which crank pulley/water pump pulley is best? Or can I just pinch an entire ABF setup?
  6. Damnit VW! Any suggestions on which hose to get? I would imagine it would be PG and then cut down if I'm keeping the bypass. (Which there's no real need to as I replaced the heater matrix a few years back)
  7. I think the rubber perishables on my corrado are eventually going to lead to my early demise... So, the first 2x pictures are of the hose that's split, and the next 2 are from ETKA, my hose has an extra bit with some kind of balance setup, and it doesn't list KR as one of engine styles for either hose option. Anyone got any suggestions for which is right? 1990 KR Part Numbers: 191 819 371 E - PG 1H0 819 371 - 2E,9A,ADY
  8. Bugger. The only reason I've stuck with the InPro's is my car was originally a bodybuilder window spec, and the PO did the conversion. Hateful things, that rattle around.
  9. Anybody know any UK/EU suppliers? The only one I seem to be able to find is A1 electric, I remember a few years ago being able to pick them up for about £50 through Ebay? Just had my drivers side mech go pop, so any help is appreciated :)
  10. I'm guessing you may have gotten it started by now? One to check if anyone's stuck in a similar situation, there's a vacuum port underneath the air-box piping that clips into another pipe. Without this, you won't get fuel.
  11. Yaaay! I feel almost helpful :D Hopefully, we'll be able to 3d print most of the interior in the future!
  12. Have you considered modelling them in something like Sketchup then uploading them to a site like Shapeways? That way, there is no batch run, and people can order individual ones if necessary? You may be able to get a better finish, as they have some very expensive machines, as well as the normal extruded filament printers? Might even work out cheaper?
  13. Most likely! I think she's only had 1 successful trip to and from work in it though, normally breaks down half way home when a niggle decides that's the time to become an issue
  14. Glad I'm not the only one! Mine blends a bit more being blue that the full on bright red! Looks good though Normally my other half is the one to tell me she's spotted a red corrado, as she just works down in Menston.
  15. Spotted a Red (G60?), near Guiseley business park on Friday afternoon, exhanged waves. Then saw a Burgundy Pearl one near Arnold Clarke/Dunelm Mill Leeds centre on the evening, I waved but I was in my Laguna! Seems the weather is bringing everyone out!
  16. Hi Guys, Picked up a handle repair kit from Amazon (Leftover christmas vouchers come in handy sometimes), but it appears the ones I've been sent just don't fit right into a passat handle. Seems to me that the part of the kit which the spring sits on is too short, just wondering if this is due to the passat handle I've got (B3 with lock), or if the kit I've picked up is a bit naff? Apologies for the poor photo of the spring, but awkward to take one of that part of the handle!
  17. Paul at PME is a good tester. It's on Geldard road, near the Big Yellow and Enterprise place, http://www.pmeautos.co.uk/
  18. Bloody hell Troy! Wondered what you were up to once you'd dropped off the face of the earth. Looking good!
  19. Brilliant! Thanks very much, I was stuck trying to figure out how to describe it to the parts guy!
  20. Hi Guys, Firstly, a confession, I like an idiot, threw away a sensor I had removed off the car, and didn't realise until I'd gotten to the dealers to get a replacement, all in a throwing the baby out with the bathwater situation. So, can one of you kind gents brave a few minutes outside to get me the part number off the temp sensor in the pic below? All I can remember is it said 140 degrees and was brass! Thanks in advance,
  21. Hi Fuzz, Can you let me know if you still have the drivers door handle and the driver and passenger side handle securing screws? Price for posted to Leeds if you have them? :) Cheers
  22. You can file down the stops a little bit on the wiper arms so they apply a little more pressure. If yours is a 1.8, I don't think you're going to have a cat anyway. I've got a miltek system on mine, and it sounds pretty good, but not unsociable.
  23. Thanks very much :) Couldn't see a sneaky bolt under the alternator! Soooo quiet!
  24. Guys, I'm swapping out my waterpump, and I've hit a bit of a rock, It appears that some of the bolts are hidden behind the oil pump pulley, is there a way to remove these without removing the pulley? If not, any tips on removing the pulley? It's a bit bloody awkward... Pics attached. Thanks for any help.
  25. Red J-reg with a short plate in the whitehall road trading estate today - Leeds Good to see another local.
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