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  1. Hi All, OK, I have been well and truly stuffed by VW Heathrowm charged me £900 to fix my MFA, replaced a load of parts that were not broken and now just do not want to know, never call me back, never update me and treat me like an annoyance the arrogant feckers. I've written to P Willis of VW UK complaining and am gathering feedback from all VW related forums/ clubs to put together a complaint about how bad their service depts are. Top Gear and What Car both slate VW for their pants service. So... Now is the time to let me know what experiences you have had with VW so I can gauge just how bad they are... or if indeed I am the only one!! All feeback appreciated, cheers guys
  2. Mines at 90k now.... not even run int yet :)
  3. If you have purchased a set of FK tail lights recently and have trouble fitting the indicator bulbs (pin offset) You can file off one of the pins and it sits quite nicely. Had mine in a week now and they have not fallen out... Anyway cheap solution if you don't want to fork out on new bulbs....
  4. Bit l8 I know but I got my K&N filter from Demon-Tweeks, they delivered it in 2 days... Jobius Donius, as they say in latin...
  5. Just got mine.... now where's me spanner... Good work on sorting this out :)
  6. Thats about 10 alright gimme gimme gimme!!! :)
  7. Count me in as well there buddy... those half smoked ones look good :)
  8. I had a Powerflow system fitted to my C at Top Gear in St Albans, its spot on no rattles or knocks and the guys there were very friendly and helpful.. One word of advise though.. unless you want to be deafened get 3 silencers fitted :)
  9. Thanks for thw advice guys, I'll give 'em a go and let ya know :)
  10. Alright lads, With my limited knowledge of anything other than an "a" series engine I have a question about Catalytic converters. If your cat is knackered would it effect your idle revs (i.e no idel revs at all) when the engine is warm and also give you a terrible mpg? I ask because a guy down the local VW stealers told me this was the case and I don't believe him... been bitten before by VW mechanics.. Cheers
  11. Man if that is summer in Holland I'm staying in blighty to schmoke!! :lol: Black/ red for me old son, all black does look a tad "max power" for my tastes
  12. Blimey

    Engine stops

    Alright Rams, cheers for the reply m8... it does sound fuel pump related. Interesting your bud had the same, be good to see if anyone else has had it as well, C's are temperamental buggers!! Can't really complain mind you, its the first thing that has gone wrong in 2 yrs of ownership!!
  13. Blimey

    Engine stops

    Hi Guys, I have a problem: When my C is parked up on a slope and I start it up it does not idle, the engine constantly stalls, it take a while of driving for it to start behaving itself and idle at about 8-900 rpm. I see this when the car is facing either up or down a slope but does not happen when it is on the flat. Does anybody have any ideas? Could this be fuel pump related? Cheers All..
  14. Mine is running sweet, always starts first time, never had anything go wrong with it and after a wash and polish it just looks mint, plus it's not common as muck like TT's, Celica's and other coupes. I love the head turn factor when people see the VW badge and then squint trying to read what model of VW it is. Brilliant car and I will never sell it, the only down side is its lack of wellie, the valver is a bit of a sheep in wolfs clothing IMHO. but PDMotorsport will be tasked with changing that in October.. MWHAHAHA!!
  15. Yeah.. well my Valver would do you all off the lights so nerrrrrrr :shock:
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