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  1. Got a great little valver here for sale. Only selling as I’ve got a VR6 project coming up and I’ve ran out of space to keep it. Bit gutted cos I love it. I bought it about 5 months ago after it had been sat a while in a garage. I’ve done a lot of work to put it back on the road including *New discs and pads all round *New front wheel bearing *New control arms on both sides *New ball joints both sides *New drop links both sides *New ABS rings and sensors (need to be fitted) A few more plus points * 10 months MOT passed with no problems *134k *Absolutely stacks of history, receipts etc but no service book *Fully working sunroof and recently re greased *Excellent Tyre’s all round *Working spoiler *Full remote central locking with cobra alarm (fob comes with it) *2 keys *Undamaged 50mm splitter Few things to address. There’s a crease/dent in the drivers side rear quarter that’ll need looking at. Roof has a bit of bubbling near the top of the windscreen and paint needs a polish in that spot. Looks to me like it’s been rattle canned Crack in the windscreen at the very top but you can’t see it from the outside due to a sun strip Interior is generally good but looks like there’s a couple of small cigarette burns. Car could do with a good polish at the paints not fantastic but I’ve seen much much worse. There’s a couple of interior trim panels missing. Basically the bit of trim that covers the drivers side seatbelt and the bit above. Apart from that everything’s there. Needs a drivers side front wheel bearing. I’ve got the wheel bearing included but haven’t had time to fit it Overall a really nice car and generally free of rust and absolutely SOLID underneath. Pulls well in all the gears and runs great and fantastic value for money considering what’s been replaced Collection from Sunderland I’ve lowered the price for a quick sale. This is easily worth over £2k these cars are getting rarer by £1400 Here’s the gumtree link for pictures https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/vw-corrado-16v/1312657060?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social Any questions call 07879682842
  2. Thanks a lot. This was the case. It’s a clever design indeed. So clever that I couldn’t work it out! I assumed that with everything loose you’d be able to move the pump by hand but you really need to tighten that bolt to get the tension on Thanks again
  3. So, my power steering was squealing like hell and i'd noticed that you could spin the pulley by hand. Basically the belt was too loose and had absolutely zero grip. I wanted to try and tension it first to make sure the pump was running ok but i can't get it to move! It seems to be seized in place. I've removed the two bolts that i've circled and arrowed in the picture attached. Am i missing something else? Is there anything else to loosen? It's hard to work out from looking underneath how the tensioner actually operates. Any help appreciated
  4. Hi guys, Changed the control arm and ball joints on my 16V but the threads are knackered on the bolt that holds the end of the ball joint in the hub Does anyone know the size of that bolt and nut that holds it in or the actual name of it cos I can’t seem to find it anyway Balljoint retainer bolt maybe? Thanks in advance
  5. Well, those who said faulty ignition switch, give yourself a goldfish! Put a new one on and it fired up straight away and all is well. Strange how many different symptoms you can have with a faulty switch. Thanks everyone
  6. Cheers chaps. Picking up a new ignition switch later on so I’ll let you know what the outcome was
  7. Well I’ve had a faulty ignition switch before but it still cranked so that’s why I didn’t consider it on this occasion. But I’ve since heard that you can still get a fault ignition switch and for it not to crank at all
  8. So, I’ve just picked up a little 16v Corrado that had been sat for a while. I stuck a new battery on and it fired up straight away with no issues. Got it trailered home and again it fired up no problem. Then, I went to move it out my yard and the first time I turned the key nothing happened. I had full power but no crank. Fiddled with the key, took it out and put it back and it fired up fine. Anyway, about 5 mins later I tried starting it and the issue returned permantly. At first i thought it was the battery so changed it for a new one but still the same issue. I’ve tried cleaning the battery earth and have gave the starter motor a whack but still the same Do you think this could be an immobiliser issue? It’s got a Cobra 4310 alarm with remote central locking. Any advice appreciated
  9. Thanks. I was one of those that contacted you so I’d appreciate an update when you can. I’m after a project so I’d still be interested despite it not currently being able to start
  10. I’ve just seen it and was gonna message you. Can I have your phone number to chat about it?
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