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  1. Sorry, boot lid and front bumper pending pick up. Just rear bumper remains. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. Have a tailgate, in need of paint and glass is tinted. Spoiler and spoiler mechanism included, mechanism not tested. [ATTACH]83939[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83940[/ATTACH] Front bumper, straight. Is black but was red an need of paint. [ATTACH]83942[/ATTACH] rear bumper including mounting bracket. Again, needs painting and small holes were somebody attached a body kit filling. Other than that it's straight. [ATTACH]83943[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83944[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83945[/ATTACH] Collection only from WN6 area of Wigan Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  3. No rust or damage, requires paint, window is tinted (it wasn't me). Spoiler mechanism is untested but will try and hook it up if I get chance. Collection from wigan £50 [ATTACH]83278[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83279[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83280[/ATTACH]
  4. Rear bumper with iron. Has had holes drilled probably for a body kit or skirt [emoji15] Other than that it's straight but requires paint. Collection from wigan £20 [ATTACH]83271[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83272[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83273[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83274[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83275[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83276[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83277[/ATTACH]
  5. Later spec front bumper, needs paint but straight. 1 of the tabs broken (see pics). Lower grill is in poor condition. Collection from wigan £30 [ATTACH]83266[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83267[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83268[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83269[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83270[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]83265[/ATTACH]
  6. £275 Collection from wigan or sale Taken from my track car. Wheels are a little tatty but are straight and true. The is plenty beef left in the tyres although one is probably borderline road legal there is plenty track time to be enjoyed on the tyres. [ATTACH]82994[/ATTACH][ATTACH]82995[/ATTACH][ATTACH]82996[/ATTACH][ATTACH]82997[/ATTACH][ATTACH]82998[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83000[/ATTACH][ATTACH]83001[/ATTACH]
  7. It's in my mum's garage waiting for me to give it some attention. Goin to try and get it out on the road next summer
  8. Spotted a blue vr on brooklands road near sale this afternoon
  9. Look forward to seeing this 1 develop, maybe even put it head to head with mine one day. Corrados make great track cars, good luck
  10. Just spotted a mint standard vr on a drive on mayfield road in timperly :) Spotted a Lithuanian platted 16v in ribbleton yesterday, very low
  11. Aa have saved my bacon more than once, get the all so singing dancing one as you won't get any nasty surprises when your stuck in the arse end of nowhere! Worth it's weight in gold when everything goes belly up
  12. Looking good James, be back on the road soon!
  13. Rockingham today was very successful, car behaved itself appart from it disconnecting a boost pipe! Other than that temps stayed low for the hammering it got, fluid levels remain as they were and thing are looking good on the handling front, very neutral and controllable when your entry speed is a bit high! Hear is a bit of a vid for those who care to take a look, get caught in traffic towards the end but great fun never the less :) [ATTACH]73287[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]73288[/ATTACH] Awesome tyres, give you so much grip and confidence!
  14. Thanks for the advice chaps, it's only been on there a day or so hopefully it won't be rusted on yet! What worries me is it could be a hairline fracture that's causing the water leek :/
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