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  1. Help needed please, I have had a 91 G60 for almost a year now and its been great to own and drive however, Recently an anoying click has developed. I have pulled the trim away to access to fuse box so I could drive along and try to find out which relay is clicking but cant seem to find it. It's not a constant click, it's just a single click in all gears between 2000-2500 rpm, it clicks once accelerating and once decelerating. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?
  2. Hi all I'm new to the site and have just bought my first corrado. G Reg 1.8 16v. It was SORN when I went to have a look so I couldn't test drive. Now the wheel bearings are making a right racket. Any advice or how 2 would be appreciated. Many Thanks Baz
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