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  1. Most comprehensive ebay ad I've ever seen, Chris! I'm seriously interested as I need another C while mine has become a long-term project since Bruntingthorpe last year. I'll send you a PM :)
  2. It's great news you're still in the fold with another Corrado! Did you and Dave do a swap or something? :)
  3. Cor, that's one better than the VR6! And so reasonably priced!
  4. Seized :( I've had very little time to do anything about it this last couple of weeks but I'm looking out for a replacement engine. We were seriously shocked to see yours up for sale, like most others!
  5. It could have been some dodgy fuel or even dredging up sludge from the bottom of the tank if you let it get really low. I've used Sainsburys super unleaded many times and not noticed any worse performance than V-Power.
  6. nrc

    Wanted: VR6 engine

    I am after a VR6 lump in good condition. A 2.9l OBD1 with dizzy would be ideal as it would be a straight swap, but I'm willing to consider anything (24V, R32, etc) as long as it's in good running order. Cheers, Neil
  7. Come on, Chris - it was only a little crack in the indicator!
  8. Thanks, Kev. If I come across a decent replacement with a coilpack I'll give Vince a call. He mapped my current one so should be able to say for sure.
  9. Was on the local news this morning. Might head over too at some point this weekend.
  10. nrc

    Wet footwells

    Passenger side leaks could be caused by a failed foliage cover seal.
  11. I've had a couple of those cheap jacks before and they always ended up failing (thankfully not on my face while underneath!) Got one of these and it's been brilliant: http://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/clarke-ctj1250ab-1-25-tonne-aluminium-racing-j
  12. I might need some convincing, Nick - like you taking me out for a spin in yours :) Yep, an R32 is on my shortlist!
  13. Here are a few snaps from Sunday evening. They're not all brilliant due to an autofocus mishap (so I'm told). Will post some more when Sarah tidies them up! Taxiing [ATTACH=CONFIG]78710[/ATTACH] Lined up [ATTACH=CONFIG]78711[/ATTACH] When these babies hit 88 mph... [ATTACH=CONFIG]78715[/ATTACH] Woo! [ATTACH=CONFIG]78712[/ATTACH] Pigeon strike [ATTACH=CONFIG]78716[/ATTACH] Chris's indicator [ATTACH=CONFIG]78717[/ATTACH]
  14. Is it possible to successfully swap mapping chips between early dizzy VR6 ECUs and later coilpack ones?
  15. I will try and get the pics tonight - should be some good ones amongst them. SORNing the C today while I get round to sorting out the engine :( I'm torn between refurbing, doing a straight swap or going for something else.
  16. Thanks for the words of sympathy, Jim :) Rebuild or replace, I'll see how things go over the next couple of weeks.
  17. It wouldn't start this morning. The starter motor was meeting some considerable resistance somewhere inside the engine and when it did manage to fire it only ran for about a second. A shame really, but I think this engine was crying out for a rebuild anyway.
  18. Just got home. My VR is certifiably dead now. A bit early to tell what's wrong but I think an engine swap will be on the cards in the near future. Chris, we left with your beers in our fridge :( Will see you right next time we meet!
  19. Hmm, I got them from TPS in Leeds last year. It would be a shame if they have been discontinued but not too surprising :/
  20. Cables are still available from the dealers. They come as a pair.
  21. It might come out without breaking. I had to have mine removed and refitted following a right bodge job and it's still in one piece. The fitter was in Leicestershire though so probably not who you need.
  22. It's easier to access from underneath since the compressor sits at the bottom of the engine. Otherwise he'll need to move the bumper, slam panel, radiator and a/c condenser.
  23. Thinking about it... although we stripped the interior at the weekend so it's lacking creature comforts such as a bed :S
  24. Camping both nights for me and Sarah please, Eric!
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