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  1. Hi guys...I hope someone can help. I have my car up on ramps and the garage installing my new springs from Eibach have said that the springs are wrong. I have doubled checked with Eibach and they have said they have sold me the correct springs and that VW changed their top mounts at some point. The garage have said the spring is too big and doesnt mate up, and that if I change my top mount, the strut wont fit. (I am unsure about this) Im at my wits end. Can someone help me with part numbers? Is there a wider top mount that will mate onto original strut and help locate Eibach Spring? Cheers in advance Shiv
  2. Just out of interest if you were gonna take a punt on this what would you pay...122K. Full documented..storm model. mechanically sound. my pal has been welding campervans all his life so it probably can be sorted. just the hassle of it
  3. thanks guys...much appreciated
  4. When you say pillars you mean the actual A pillar that the glass sits in? And by shot you imply rusted?
  5. Hi I'm interested in a corrado. The owner has been quite upfront about everything and has said when he bought the car he was unhappy with the front windscreen. Obviously it had been changed and the fitters had left a mess of sealant. This is something he knew when buying the car and set out to remedy once in his ownership. He subsequently cleaned it all up and put another bead of sealant with the windscreen in situ. However it seems that he has introduced a leak, which was obviously there before hence the mess of sealant in the first place. I'm not familiar with the front windscreen of a corrado so am looking for some advice. Should I walk away from the car? Can it be fixed? how has this been ballsed up in the first place.? Winter is coming and i wouldn't want ingress of expanding water around the screen. Many Thanks
  6. Please excuse my ignorance...I'm a long time golf mk2 owner aspiring to own a rado vr6. what's the issue with the front windscreen rubbers?
  7. hi Guys, not new to the forum but do visit sporadically. I have a query on where to post Group Buy ideas which i feel will benefit the Corrado Clan. I am not affiliated with the company but have inquired about some custom products and wanted to gauge interest. I say products, it really is only one. - Heated Front Windscreen like what Ford use. The one with wavy elements embedded in the windscreen? Where should I post this. I have prices, quantities and lead times Cheers in advance Shiv
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