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  1. Funny, I was thinking about this the other day. I made a couple of different versions. The second one I need to test fit but I think it's closer to being a suitable fix. I've got it set out on my work bench and I need to try and get a chance to get back on it again. It's a fiddly bugger to get just right.
  2. Well..... isn't this dragging on a bit? I got distracted with loads of other cars and crap getting in the way. I have one of the door cards almost grafted together. It wasn't easy but I'll get some pics of it to post. I also found some sport foils for the clocks which matched up with the icons on the very rare circuit board. Again, I'll get some pics of this. Next up, I need to clean out the engine bay and get the lighting wiring connected up inside the car. Back on the wagon!!!
  3. Got mine. Thanks. By the way, my 2.0L 16v had a 70L tank so make sure you check first.
  4. I've never been impressed with a painted finish. It never looks as even and doesn't last like a recovered headliner.
  5. Made another fibreglass plate for the other drivers door car parts. So now I have one for both sides. This is going to take some head scratching to work out how they'll be attached and how the door card shape should be formed for clearance.
  6. Biggest cams available that can get squeezed in without head machining. The map will have to be written to try and keep it stable at idle but it'll not be the sort of car that'll get driven in traffic much.
  7. That's good to know. I'm going a step further. Piper 294 cams, GSXR 750 SRAD throttle bodies, Wossner high compression pistons, SAAB 93 turbo bosch red top injectors, ported head, 1.8T fuel rail and FPR, 0.5mm overbore, ARP studs all round. Should be interesting if I ever get the time to get in finished.
  8. If anyone is having a problem with glue order some of the AF178 from woollies. It's the only stuff I use now and I tried a lot of glues and it's the only one that holds the fabric properly.
  9. I recovered my own in black felt. Very easy to use and it's stuck on with Alpha 178 heat resistant glue from woollies trim restoration.
  10. How many people here are running with bucket or race seats, 3, 4, or 5 point harnesses, roll cages etc? I'd like to see a few examples of how some of your seat harnesses are mounted or what kind you have etc. I just got myself a set of Schroth ASM seat harnesses and would like to get ideas on how they should be mounted. I'm seriously considering a rear seat delete and false floor in the back and would like to get some ideas or suggestions from people who have done it already.
  11. Does anyone know the answer to my query above? Just want to make sure I get the right ones.
  12. So here's the new harnesses. I got them at a pretty nice price. They came with inertia reels and extender straps as well so they can be attached nicely at the back. Sorry for the crap pic. I'll maybe get them unpacked later.
  13. I checked my clocks last night and they say 15 gal. I assume this is in imperial gallons so the tank would be 70 litre. Is this correct? It's a 1994 2.0L 16v so a lot of the parts are the later type. I just wanted to make sure before I send payment through.
  14. Couple more pics here: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=66329 It's still in progress but I'm looking forward to getting back to it.
  15. Good work. I thought I might as well post this as well as it's in some way related. I went the opposite way and fitted the MK4 one to the MK4 center console. Bit more work involved though because of the dash conversion. lol As far as the clearance to the bracket goes with the cable ends (mk4 cables seem to be closer to the lever). Check out my solution with the tubes. I used the Corrado bar but that's because mine was offset away to the left.
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