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  1. you have pm no i dont expect the airbox the fuel regulator is part of the metering head and is sold together as one unit and at £40 this is usually what you get at that price. the part you sent me is worth a lot less on its own if you could send me the fuel regulator this would solve this situation?
  2. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?55488-corrado-2.0-16-valve-breaking/page7 thats the seller as you can see from the 2nd to last post! if any one would post in his thread letting the guy know that he has not sent me what i paid for! cheers andy
  3. no i did not get the part that the fuel lines and injector lines connect to on the metering head i was expecting this but got for example!
  4. Just brought a metering head off some one on here and i only received the round flap part with no fuel part is this correct?
  5. hey mate revived the part today but why have i only received the flap part of the metering head what about the part that the fuel and injector lines connect to! like you have pictured? for £40 quid i would expect the hole metering unit also http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?55891-metering-head
  6. Metering head and intake hoses up to the throttle body? :)
  7. how much for the metering head with hoses up to throttle body?
  8. the only picture i can find mate on usa ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ebaymotors/AIR-INTAKE-HOSE-027133649D-VW-GOLF-JETTA-PASSAT-85-94-/140492323084?afsrc=1
  9. wanted for my 1993 2.0 16v a metering head please cheers andy
  10. I need for my 2.0 16v the rubber air intake hose that is between the throttle body and the plastic air intake pipe? cheers andy
  11. Hi my corrado has been parked up for a few months, today was mot time last night when i went to drive the car to the mot station as i pulled out of my road lets say i had to put my foot down to get going and if i left my foot on the accelerator it would accelerate then lose power accelerate then loose power ? any ideas? it then did not want to rev and had a bit of a back fire. also when idling if you tried to rev the engine by pushing accelerator down to the floor it would rev then the revs would drop then rev then drop all at different rpm? it also does not want to rev pass 1000-2000 rpm with backfire?
  12. sounds good but just had a cheaper offer thanks any way
  13. i need a indicator stalk for my corrado early style if any one has one?
  14. fair my friend! paypal? pm me
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