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  1. Long shot but just after the 160 mph clock dial Im busy converting my Passsat B3 to VR6 and have a set of B4 VR6 clocks, but they have grey dials and I much prefer black dials and with B3 clocks being the same as Corrado ones I'll just swop the faces over but my 2.0 ones are only 140mph. So yeah if any one has any plz drop me a pm, Or if they want my grey dials im happy to swap I've put a pic up its obviously in KM but you get the jist lol Regards Billy
  2. Yeah the Passat has the cable shift as standard like the Corrado I was just curious if my 020 selector is fine to use on the 02A :)
  3. Quick question guys Im doing a VR6 conversion on my Passat B3 atm the wagon has a 020 gearbox and selector currently am I thinking that this will work on the 02A box or will I need a 02A selector Regards Billy
  4. My bad buyer is _Meth, I sold the guy some Passat B3 Vanity sun visors in May. the guy paid fine via Paypal, there was a delay on my part sending them so _Meth put a dispute in, as you would. In the mean time I sent the visors off to him and the payment for the visors was reversed back to him. _Meth received the visors and Paypal returned then cash back to him, I sent proof to Paypal with tracking no and saying that he had received the goods ok But because I hadn't responded in the correct time I lost out basically I've sent him loads of pm's and proof of my negative paypal balance but all he is saying is he is so busy and he hasn't got the time to do it so _Meth is my bad buyer, Im sorry I had to do this but he has just messed me about to much Billy
  5. I used the Febi ones on my old valver engine and they were spot on m8 :wink:
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