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  1. As per title i need some help to get the fabric that is on the drivers side seat bolster. The car is a 1992 K plate Corrado VR6 facelift model. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Holly
  2. After mooching around the engine bay forums (fiance was looking at supercharger posts as he wants to re-build a 2.9 dizzy engine for me) he came across this sticky post: URGENT: check your battery wiring TODAY!. It sounds alot like the problem i am having with my VR apart from mine comes back to life when the key is turned off and back on.
  3. Hello there, as in the title my K plate vr6 shuts down. Fairly confident its not the relay 109 issue as it doesnt just kill the ECU the whole power system shuts down (lights, CD player, dash lights etc). 9 times out of 10 when your going round a left hand corner when the left hand wheel hits a manhole. Then in order to get it back on you have to turn the ignition key off and then back on. Many thanks in advance Holly
  4. Well there is no reason we cant try and get some offers going for each other apart from the usual discount oil/servicing etc? ---------- Post added at 09:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:29 PM ---------- Ha ha don't blame you! She could come and play with Chilli the giant retriever we have!
  5. Only took over here about a month ago and trying to get hold of the guy who has been doing the website to get this changed as WE DO! Getting hold of him is a nightmare but when I do it will be changed (and his neck wrung), we do also take pets - I know its bad and my apologies guys
  6. At least its not winderemere so no worries about overheating stuck in traffic! Just trying to fulfill my dream of having a car park full of corrado's ha ha ha - always nice to meet other rado owners
  7. Hi! Besides being a VR6 owner I am also manager of a hotel in the western lake district. There are some amazing roads round here for playing in a rado on (lovely and wide, nice bends, long straights) I currently drive for an hour to get to work but it never seems long enough! There are loads of great places to overtake and show off the fine rear end of a rado to Mr Mondeo and best part is you can visit the lakes without getting stuck in the tourist traffic! Anyway enough rambling my point is, as a little appreciation to other corrado owners, if you fancy a visit to the lakes anytime visit our website http://www.lowwoodhall.co.uk and if you like what you see send me an email and we can see what rate we can sort out for you (off peak/season = bigger discounts, I do still need to make enough to pay my wages!) Thanks Holly
  8. my insurance company kept refering to my beloved as a colorado!
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