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  1. Volkswagen CORRADO G60 This car has been well cared for. We have a big folder full of receipts of work done over the years. We purchased this car in September 2010. Only reason for sale is that we have had to buy a bigger car to lug all of our son's stuff around! If we had the space we would be keeping the G60. The car is in very good condition for its age. There are some age related marks on the bodywork, see pictures for more details. Mechanically the car is in very good condition. Engine is tight and pulls as expected. Brakes are very good indeed. These are rare Brembo calipers. The wheels are BBS LM replicas, they are in need of a refurb as there is curbing and some pitting. All electrics are in good working order. Currently 132k Road Tax Expires 31/10/2014 MOT: Will update when I locate test certificate! Now for the full specification. Body Roof, and Both Sides including door shuts were resprayed. De-Trimmed Roof (Welded plates, NO filler was used) Audi A6 Door Handle Conversion RS2 Front Bumper Inpro Rear Smoked Lights Passat Moon Roof Slides & Tilts Bump strips Removed Front Windscreen replaced 6 months ago Engine Stage4 Charger Oil Cooler in Passenger Grill of Bumper Audi RS Intercooler in Centre Grill of Bumper Brake Duct Pipe into Air Box Driver Grill of Bumper Samco Intercooler Pipework jMR 68mm PulleyToothed Belt Drive Milltek Exhaust De-Cat Pipe Flowed Throttle Body jMRFlowed 5 Ported Head jMR Custom Exhaust Manifold jMR Vibratechnics Engine Mounts Aftermarket Rad fan no large motor allowing good access into engine bay Ride FK Koni Height/ Dampening Coilovers 17" BBS LM Reps with good tyres. Brakes Front Brembo Calipers Front Brembo Disks 305mm Rear Golf mk4 Alloy Calipers (alloy) Interior Interior dash from a VR6 to utilise Rotary Heater Controls DDI Backlit DialsLCD Displays Changed to BlueIndicators Dash lights Blue LED's Fog 5 Demister switches Changed to Blue LED's Retrim in Black Leather VR6 style Corrado Seats (New bolsters were used) Door cards in same leather retrim Full Card (Not Half 5 Half) Audioscape Door Pods Ice Pioneer headunit Focal Infinity Speakers in door pods Pioneer Rear replacement speakers VIBE Active Subwoofer in boot Cobra CAT1 Alarm 5 Immobiliser fitted This car had its ECU remapped by RAY West of West Tuning at Thruxton and came out on the rollers at 212 bhp (Graph can be supplied as proof) This is a great car and it will be sorely missed. Please note that we will NOT entertain any scammers, idiots, chavs, test pilots, monkeys and tyre kickers. Also, do not insult us with stupid offers. The car is located in Woolacombe, North Devon. You are welcome, and advised to view the car. This is possible any day of the week. Finally, if you want to test drive, you MUST provide proof of a valid insurance policy. No valid policy means no test drive. List Date: 9/17/2014 Location: Woolacombe, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: Volkswagen CORRADO G60 -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?3,500.00 (Local Pickup Only) -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Volkswagen CORRADO G60 Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  2. Thats the one I have also, it wont fit onto the radiator as it is too small. I will have to buy a silicon hose kit I think. Only I am confused as some of the kits I have seen are for LHD only cars or US spec!
  3. Hi all, I did make a post in the Wanted section but I am desperate so I thought I would make a post here also. Basically I am in desperate need for a bottom radiator hose for my G60. I have searched for ages to find the right one. I found a G60 being broken on eBay and purchased the bottom rad hose from that but its the wrong one, the diameter of the hose going to the radiator is smaller on the one that I just purchased. The part number of the original hose that I have taken off the car is 191121051R which VW no longer stock! If you have one, or know how I can sort this then please let me know. I have seen a couple of aftermarket silicon kits but they do not mention diameters and I am reluctant to buy a whole kit just for the one hose. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, Had a right nightmare with this one. I found a G60 on eBay that was being broken and asked the guy if he had a bottom radiator hose, which he did, so I purchased it. Turned up a few days ago but I have been waiting for the rain to go away. Finally got down to fitting it today and the one he sent is the wrong bloody one!!!! Slightly different shape which is not really a problem, but the diameter of the hose going to the radiator is smaller on the one he sent. The one I am after is 191121051R. VW in their infinite wisdom has stopped stocking this item. I have looked everywhere and cant find one. If you have one then please please let me know as my car is going nowhere without it. Thanks :)
  5. Hi all, We have a noise coming from the top of the engine, more noticeable when warm and only under slight engine load. I have the car booked in for repair but I do not know if I should have the engine rebuilt or replaced with a recon engine? I have looked for a recon engine but cannot seem to locate any. Is there anyone reliable who can supply me with a good reliable recon engine? Thanks ):
  6. Thanks for the tips chaps. It has been fine and dandy for the last few days so I dont quite know what to do with it right now. If it happens again then I will just change the starter, alternator and battery, also get the earth cables changed while im at it. Thanks again.
  7. Would really like your advice on this as I need to order parts to sort the problem. I just cant be dealing with a car with faults like this.. I just hate faults where there are no direct certainty on whats causing it.
  8. I just read somewhere that older vehicles have voltage regulators to 13.3 volts?????
  9. Right, I have just gone out to start the car again and she fired up right away. Turned engine off and let sit for a while before checking battery voltage and its showing 12.79v with everything of bar the alarm system. Could this be a sticky starter, or are there other known starting issues. I am thinking that the problem might only occur when the engine is hot, are there any known hot starting problems with the G60? Thanks
  10. Hello all, I have just got back from Aldermaston with the G60, a 180 mile trip, tunrned the car off to go inside for a little while. My partner, who I bought the car for, went to start it up and the starter was struggling badly. Car would not turn over. Put a jump pack on and she fired up. Now, I put a multimeter across the battery terminals when the engine was running and I got 13.2v on tickover, with revs at around 2.5k I get 13.33 volts and no more. Is this about right, seems low to me? If its not the alternator then what else could I look for. Not a great start to new Corrado ownership!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks for the info. Yes the pricer is strong, but so is the car! As you know, its had a lot of work done. I have since discovered that the cat c was due to rear quarter panel damage, insurer decided to cat c it due to the costs involved. I have copies of letters that went between the previous owner and the insurance company, the previous owner was trying to stop the insurers from writing it off.
  12. Thats good to know, for one minute I thought I had found myself among a bunch of OEM monsters, not that there is anything wrong with that, lol. Anyway, upon further investigation I have found out that this car was indeed woody's old car. See here download/file.php?id=23411&mode=view Number plates are the same. But it is a mystery about the bumper being different. I know the car was recorded cat c in 2007 so that might have something to do with it. Maybe I should PM woody and see if I can get anymore info. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the replies gents. After looking at the pictures of woodys car I would say that it is not his old car. The number plate is not recessed, the spoiler is different, and the door handles are different. Although the front bumper is off an Audi and seems to have had similar work done. And sadly no, the LM's are not genuine. Would have been good if they where. I see these is a split between opinions on the front bumper and interior. Do we have an OEM crew and a mod crew on here then. I dont think I have ever owned a car I have not modified and I am not about to stop with this either! Thanks D & D
  14. Hello all, We have just purchased this car, does anyone know of it? It has had some very extensive work carried out so I would imagine someone on here has had experience with it. Heres the link http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2148750.htm Thanks BTW. The pictures in the PH ad dont do that car justice at all, its a cracker.
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