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  1. Time for you to start explaining or have the forum owner contact me

  2. Reply please and check your admin emails I am not happy

  3. You can get a product from caravan shops that sits in between the coils and stops them compressing Haven't used them myself but remember my old man fitting a set to a talbot horizon back when we had family holidays in the caravan
  4. There is a peloquin fs over on edition not sure if it's the right spec
  5. Have dropped you a pm AM ALSO AGAIN ABLE TO OFFER CONVERSION HOSES TO SUIT THE FITMENT OF MK4 type rear calipers at £35 the pair delivered with sealing washers
  6. What sort of quality discs are you fitting??
  7. Sub11 on fengate in Peterborough Jabba sport in crowland
  8. Most cap head bolts are rated 12.9 grade You will struggle to get a 12.9 grade with zinc plating on as the process to add the coating alters the strength rating by a small amount. Where as 10.9 bolts are available in zinc plated but these are normaly hex heads
  9. Can't refund any one unless I shift some bits!! Brake ends are due to be sent direct from the company that used to supply me with BRAKELINES!! But as I no longer deal with them they are being slow, they also have a set of braided lines to send back to someone on another forum but are being slow about it, the guy I used to deal with has left, quality has gone down
  10. Hi mate


    Can you let me know about the lines


    They are the last set I have available


    Once they are gone I won't be getting any more



  11. No I'm sure they fit the right way up Hose and bleed at top Cable at bottom Have a look in volksdevil build thread he has the same lines and shows them all fitted up
  12. They probably looked at the lines attached and the lines you supplied and as they are different length said that. But the way the fit. Is different, as you have a short flexi, then a bracket that holds a rigid metal pioe
  13. Not the best thing to happen but At least it accessible so you can remove it and get a new one made Shouldn't cost alot Here we pay £0.70 an end plus £1 per foot of pipe That's made up at a local independant spares shop, though its just a straight pipe that you need to carefully bend to shape
  14. Two pairs left Once they are gone there won't be anymore from me
  15. hmm tempted to come and have a wander around bring my boy down
  16. Hi mate.


    I have these ready to post, I'm going to the post office with some other bits.

    No mate I ain't dodgy but I haven't got a payment from you in my PayPal


    [email protected]


    Is the address, copy and paste it



  17. Hi mate

    Did you get the PayPal details??

  18. Three pairs left Once they are gone that's it
  19. Open to sensible offers Price includes 1st class recorded delivery Once these sell I won't be doing anymore
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