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  1. Do you have the VW engine harness that sits on the wings to support the engine whilst you get the cross member off? What does this look like, do you have one ?
  2. Love an easy fix for electrics 👍 Can’t be much rot then, must be pretty solid, much more in the pipeline? There’s always something that needs a little attention.
  3. This is a shot of original figment.
  4. That is seriously shiny. Nice photos 👍
  5. Lmao, that’s how I was feeling near the end. Want my house and garage back. Looking a lot better mate
  6. Is it me or is it missing the motor. Looks like a hand wind jobby
  7. If not, what about something like Noico 80mil. Will be similar to what you scraped off and easy to apply without getting overspray everywhere.
  8. Your right it’s some sort of bitumen for deadening and anti rust, I didn’t touch that. Put my underlay on top of that
  9. When I did my new carpet from Newton Commercial I also got their delux under carpet set which is 2 layers of sound deadening underlay fibre stuff, used both for both front foot wells and one for the rear. The other I rolled up and shoved under the rear seat cavity. Kept the original centre tunnel sound deadening
  10. Good man. I got the same cup holder and put it in my other one years ago. Very useful addition but the rubber fell to hits in no time, get some gummi on it.
  11. Can’t be many of you one owners left. Looks like you’ve been looking after it well too. I’m guessing coil overs to make it so pretty and some body work done at some point and didn’t put the bump strips back as you liked the cleaner look, as do I.
  12. Very nice additions there. Where did you get them from
  13. As cressa says it’s just a fat o-ring. Any brand will do doesn’t have to be a vw item that cost a fortune.
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