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  1. Don’t let it get to you mate, like you said could be worse at least no damage to the car and you hate the neighbour not the wife. 😂 Winner. Move on
  2. Lovely jubbly. You just can’t beat being happy with your new paint job as letting that kind of money go smarts a bit. 6 years I bet it’s more like 6 weeks now you can see a finish. It’s all happening.
  3. This is why I sold my other Corrado a couple of years ago, looking after 2 is nearly impossible and one gets neglected.
  4. 1xshaunx1

    Heat shield

    Roose actually make a specific set of water hoses for the 2.9 VR6 Corrado, they fit no problem and I’ve Had no real problems with them once fitted. I’ve done 10k mile. Just type it in “roose vr6 corrado” into search on EBay. I got mine directly off of roose on eBay.
  5. Definitely look better than the standard speedlines, very nice 👍
  6. I have a diesel golf gearbox mount fitted, research says it’s a bit stronger. Also don’t forget the 4 bushes in the front engine mount bracket/support as old ones get a bit squishy and allow the engine to move on those too.
  7. Any further with this, will you need bigger injectors?
  8. That my friend is to get the HT lead off the plug and not many cars still have them.
  9. 1xshaunx1

    Heat shield

    It could be all sorts, Corrado’s are like that.
  10. I’ve mounted my boost controller there, I need to make another bracket that fills in the sides better but as a trial mount it’s pretty good there. Used sticky pads and the screw the back to hold the bracket down then sticky strip to mount the controller to that
  11. 1xshaunx1

    Heat shield

    There is a fix for this involving a non return valve in the fuel line near the tank/pump, it’s actually a VW fix
  12. 1xshaunx1

    Heat shield

    Vince put something similar if not that one one on mine. It fits in the same place as the pressed steel galvanised original VW item, over the top of the exhaust manifold. Keyo has a new VW one fitted I noticed when his engine was being put back together.
  13. Sean have you tried the old mot checker to get an idea of mileage and mot problems. https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/
  14. Cheers matey this photo shows it a bit better. I think the speedlines don’t look as good as the 17” BBS though I am a lot faster over the speed bumps now with these on
  15. I bet it has running in oil in to start with while things free up, don’t be tempted one bit to give it some and try not leave it ticking over for no reason, you need to keep oil pressure up under torque/load apparently. Good luck and enjoy it mate it looking a lot better 👍
  16. I do like the gauges but I need the space down there. I’d have booked it for the first oil change for Wednesday morning haha
  17. I bet you’re out there now putting them bento cups on
  18. I bet you had a grin like a Cheshire Cat when you pulled off. Looks great mate. I was getting withdrawal symptoms up until yesterday, I bet you’ll be the same till it’s bedded in. You’ll have to show more restraint than a fox in with the chickens
  19. The second of your photos where you have a close up looks very much what mine looked like fla, before I removed the glass. The sooner you have that sorted the better, not totally sure but I think you can get the trims but all the panels are NLA except the scuttle panel, the bit wipers stick out of.
  20. The above is because a body shop was lazy. The prior owner has a rear wiper delete and glass out respray of the hatch, then refitted. 12 years later this is what you find. Painters are notorious for not wanting to bother getting all the old rubber off and prepping it properly. Like windscreen fitters, they figure by the time the rust comes through it won’t be your car anymore
  21. It may even be letting water in now mate, look what I found under my old hatch when I pulled the glass bonding up, it was horrendous under there just came away when I popped the glass.
  22. Oh definitely Chris. If you mask up well and try to blend upto panel lines, as long as the base coat is good and you have a good amount of clear without bubbles massive runs etc it’s possible to rectify just about any imperfection, base colour match however is in the hands of the gods.
  23. Didn’t get the brake ducts on as my charge cooling and stuff is in the way so put it all back together without. I did put my 70mm spoonfed spoiler on though, I put this on because I’m a little lower on the standard 15” wheels and didn’t want to risk damaging my pretty rare good condition 90mm one. Also went for a test drive as had to drop the VAT receipts off at the accounts so combined the two missions. Steady on the way there and a bit of stick on the way back, I can report that I’ve got no issues with the new cv joint and it can handle more than 190 hp without letting go or turning the car into a vibration machine so all is well with that for now, we’ll see. I like the front better with the tinted fogs and indicators but I suppose that’s another marmite thing. For all you guys with your cars in bits I leave you today with a photo of a for now, fully working Corrado
  24. If somebody is a bit new to paint correction, I’d advise getting an old bonnet or door and practice a bit before going too mad, watch a few You tube videos and when you set off rubbing with wet and dry don’t push on to hard, keep away from the edges The Flex polisher I used bellow. The pads are CCS Lake County green, orange then black with Scholl S3- green about 4 passes then S20 on the orange pad for a couple of passes and finally S40 With the black pad which really does take any remaining swirl marks out.
  25. 😂😂😂😂 I thought that when he said where he’d seen it. No chance now easy pops knows 😂😂😂
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