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  1. He should have used rubber wedges at the bottom of the screen for gapping and to help keep it up till it sets
  2. Must be an amazing day.,Well done mate
  3. What diff did you have put in the box?
  4. Blimey. Does that mean the front end will be done this evening.
  5. Can I also add that you don’t have to take the seats out to do this. The centre tunnel comes out fairly easy if you lift the hand brake up enough
  6. I would say though that the TRW ones were more like oem and chances are you won’t be doing this again if you do it right.
  7. Both off of EBay Hasan. just put the make and part number I gave above in the EBay search and away you go. All VRs had the same rear brakes so should fit yours unless you have a different after market set up.
  8. Looked like this near the end. The fan at the top comes on with stage 1 and both fans with stage 2. Stage 3 is not connected.
  9. My wiring is like this. I have two relays in case one packs in I will still have one fan. My fans are bigger than yours and Flas’ so I used relays rather than go through the plug with power. I also pulled the black connector off of the thermostat housing so stage three fan can’t come in and kill power from stage 2. I also have a switch in the cabin I can turn on to bring both on manually
  10. I have no idiot proof guide easy, although I did manage to sort it and it’s still works. This is the fan you want for the plug
  11. Is the relay clicking and supplying power at the fuse box or still dead there. welcome by the way
  12. Mine were about 1620-1640mm. Both the same, it has to be balanced with the same length of cable from the end stop, or the pull mech gets really unbalance. That’s why it’s best to do both cables at the same time.
  13. I’d pull the switch out and check the wiring going to the fuse box from the switch. It may be it’s wiring might be damaged and arcing onto others.
  14. Finally got around to finishing my rear brake renew and upgrade. carriers callipers discs bearings pads and now handbrake cables. decided to use the TWR ones. Febi ones were very similar, same ends but a metal part where it slides into the tubes before going into the body TRW GCH1656 £50 delivered for the pair, as you require two of the same part Febi 14274 £20 delivered for the pair. To be honest I just wanted to compare the two brands and see if they were both the correct length. The both seemed pretty much the same as the original one that came off
  15. Looking sharp now👍 That banana went back on better than I thought it would too.
  16. Looks good 👍 but still needs some windscreen washer liquid topping up 😂😂
  17. A worry for us all. But I think this is the exception not the rule. Others my say different but I’ve not noticed this being a problem area on current or previous cars, but definitely worth a check.
  18. I opened the garage door last weekend 😂😂
  19. I’ll pop round at the weekend if you want and you can look at mine n see if we can work it out.
  20. Welcome indeed. Best looking car in any car park.
  21. I was thinking it would be the shorter ones and the longer ones for Passat, Vento etc
  22. Are the rear abs sensors 1130mm or 1285mm long. Looking to change my stubs and get it all ready first but there seems to be 2 lengths available. Any ideas anyone.
  23. Look what the wife found down the side of the wardrobe. I must have put it there for safe keeping and forgot. She only found it because of getting ready for the decorators. No more unfortunately
  24. I have a blind doe.
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