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  1. Wanted - early corrode grill. Preferably near west yorkshire.
  2. Have your got early front grill, if so how much to Leeds?
  3. sunroof mechanism and driver side door window surround?
  4. Hi, are your sunroof cables intact? If so how much for the setup? Is it a late spec model, condition of front bumper and fog light? I can collect from Leeds. Kam
  5. do you still have the late front bumper?
  6. Hi, is the front bumper a late spec and where would it need to be collected from?
  7. kamsingh

    Rear Louvres

    Would anyone know where to find one and who manufactured them? Examples below:
  8. cool, let me know how the bearing feels, i'll then PM you my details.
  9. Brilliant, how is the bearing, making any noise? How much are you willing to courier it for?
  10. You haven't got 4X100 front drivers side hub assembly?
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