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  1. corradomouse

    KR lump

    thanks dumptyboy, its a little far away for me to go and collect. ive seen theres a few on ebay, but ive had issues with people selling rubbish but saying its all good. I was hoping i could find one knocking about on here. as i trust it a little more that the bay.
  2. corradomouse

    KR lump

    im after a good running kr lump to get my car back on the road asap. any help is much appreciated. Thanks Ben
  3. 16v four branch stainless manifold, or alternatively, a downpipe and decat pipe. thanks. Ben
  4. im from maidenhead, so its a bit of a trek for you. youre more than welcome to it though.
  5. pretty sure i have a fan still in its housing kicking about, its yours for nothing if you are local and want to come and get it!
  6. hi motor is packed ready to send let me no sent paymaent details over

  7. im after the passenger side window motor, £20 including delivery?
  8. as title as the cable in mine snapped at the weekend. thanks Ben
  9. does anybody know the depth a steering boss for a momo wheel comes in. im looking to fit one with a "snap off" attachment, but the attachment alone is 60mm deep. i dont want the steering wheel to come out to far for me to reach the pedals!!! thanks for reading Ben
  10. thanks for that. i will bear that in mind for future posts.
  11. mk2 golf driver gearbox and drive nearside driveshaft. long shot i know but thought someone might have something kicking about . thanks Ben
  12. looks to be just what im after! where are you based could collect? or whats the cost of postage to an sl1 postcode? thanks. any ideas where i can get an exhausr manifold also?
  13. corradomouse


    pop goes the headgasket :(
  14. for a 1.8 16 valve. no real preference other than a subtle tail pipe. thanks Ben
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