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  1. Hi Bally, I'm prepared to let rears go for £50.
  2. Hi guys, Ideally I was hoping to sell the interior as a lot, but if you both want to make me an offer on what you need please do? Thanks Rich
  3. VW Corrado Cloth Interior Black Black cloth Interior with light purple pattern from my VR6 Corrado (M-reg) I am breaking Good tidy condition overall - all levers handles work and are present. Door cards are very nice with just top edge on front cards needing re-gluing slightly but nothing major. Rears are excellent. Only small tear is on drivers side bolster and a little wear to foam on lower side bolster but not ripped through the material here. Small burn on drivers (approx 5mm diameter) cushion but is hardly noticeable. Rear seats very good also. Cash on collection only please - I have loads more photos just too big in size to upload please mail me if you require more.. Thanks List Date: 5/10/2015 Location: Bromsgrove, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: VW Corrado Cloth Interior Black -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?150.00 (Local Pickup Only) --------------------------------------
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    Thanks algarveVR6, will get in contact with him.
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    Hi, I've finally got round to joining the forum! I've had my VR6 since last April and have loved every minute of ownership, even with the often breakages... I live in Bromsgrove Worc's and have seen a few corrado's around. Bumped into Dan, if i recall correctly?, in his car on Wilsons car park end of last year who told me to join up. I've got the usual broken door handle issue at the moment, does anyone know where I can get a repair kit from to fix the broken die-cast arm? Rich.
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