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  1. sounds like thats my problem..mine dont sound that bad yet though. only when its idiling i can hear them slapping around a little bit...
  2. since i bought my 92 vr6 corrado it has had a mystery noise coming from the right side of the engine..just dawned on me the other day that it could be the timing chains on there way out?? its kind of a ticking/slapping noise and you can only hear it at idle...the mileage on the motor is unknown beacuse its not the original..i dont really have the money to fix it right now and im just curious how long i have till they NEED to be done i drive it very easy but i put about 300 miles a week on it...
  3. i put up a few in the project forum...
  4. yes that is farenheit if i drive mine on the highway for a ways it stays right around 220 but around town it heats up a little bit...i just did the math and yours is running right around 225 degrees farenheit which is about the same so i guess mine is normal...
  5. im learning as i go with this car becasue i have never owned a corrado before so i just recently started playing around with the MFA and i was curious about my oil temps..i have done a little bit of research online and most people say that theres run right around 220-240...for the most part that is where mine is to but i have seen it go as high as 262..is this normal? and just curious what do you get for fuel mileage out of yuor vr6?
  6. there are two tiny little bubbles on the rear hatch just under the window but that is it...theres none anywhere else...which is a nice change because i am originally from Maine, and you cant find a rust free vehicle there because of all the damn salt they put on the roads in the winter.
  7. shes needs minor body work, has a few minor dents and scratches, wheels need to be touched up and she needs suspension...the motor is not the original i think it has around 150k on it but the body has 300k..nice shape for that many miles tho:cool:. completely stock, in a year or so i plan to rebuild the engine and when i do im going to do 268 cams 2.9 intake and a bigger throttle body maybe a couple years down the road a turbo:dance:. here are a few pics that i have taken of it so far...more to come soon
  8. Hi everyone, my name is logan and i live in southern california..i just bought a 92 corrado SLC, its my first corrado but i am no stranger to volkswagens...i have had 6 mk3 jetta's haha its the only car i have ever had. I have been driving the corrado for a month now and have done a few minor things to it, repair wise because the previous owner neglected this car big time....but its in good hands now and it will continue to live a long happy life with me, glad to be a member on this forum, will post pics ASAP..
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