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  1. If I leave it on, it just seems to work sometimes, then it will stop. Or sometimes it won't be working and then it will start. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Had the same problem with mine a couple of weeks ago and it was the air mass meter that needed replacing......or so the garage said, i just cleaned the connections and it works fine now. Mine is a VR6 though, don't know if that makes a difference.
  3. Simon


    I have them and they fit fine. The rear ones just clip on, but the front ones need to be screwed in.
  4. Simon


    I had exactly the same problem last week. The connections just need to be cleaned and tightened on the air flow meter
  5. Simon


    The cars engine revs keep dying when i'm just pulling away slowly. When in neutral, the engine revs and idles fine.... also if i just floor it, the car will go ok, but if i want to just teeter along 30mph then the car keeps wanting to stall. Anyone got any ideas? Was told it may be the air flow sensor, but I thought that would cause it to stall even when in neutral. Anyone in the stevenage area with the diagnostic kit..inc laptop?
  6. MacLadds - Bloody excellent! :lol: And Apollo440 - Their first album was just pure class I agree about the MacLadds... It doesn't get any better than Sweaty Betty
  7. Jurrasic 5 Sugarhill gang anthology The Coral The Thrills Outkast And all the free ones from the daily mail
  8. excellent thanks very much
  9. Do corrado's have air bags? I have seen some advertised with airbags, however the steering wheel would never accomodaite this. Whats the beef?
  10. Doh... any normal person would have checked that first. Doesn't have the prices though.
  11. Does anyone know what systems can be fitted with this and how much it costs?
  12. A Lancia Delta HF turbo ie is fairly cheap to buy, with lots of room, and very quick (considering its a 1.6). Parts etc and too badly priced either
  13. i didnt realise they made a 205 gti mi16?? They didn't, however a lot of 205 gti owners have converted tham by using the 405 Mi16 parts.
  14. for £2k I would get myself a PUG 205 mi16 if i could find one in good nick. They are quite small, but great fun.
  15. Automatics aren't that bad, I got mine because i was more concerned about having FVWSH and a low mileage... I admit not as much fun as a manual, but not necessarily slower depends on what speed range you look at. My auto does just over 80mph in second, so my 50 to 80 speed i imagine is better than a manual.
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