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  1. Hi mate, Sorry engine harness has gone already, still lots of trim parts remaining, both front wings, ns door and tailgate, spoiler mech and lots of other bits engine parts etc
  2. Sorry dude all the shell has gone now just got lots of parts left now. Cheers Drew
  3. Hi Mate, £30 delievered PM me if your interested. Cheers Drew
  4. Hi mate, yes sunroof is still availible, when tested in the vehicle I could not get it to work however so is on a spares or repairs basis, you may be able to make one good one out of the two. Asking £20 collected, can post but would prefer not to. PM me if your interested.
  5. Slam panel is still availble: £20 collected, could possibly post but would prefer not to. PM me if your interested.
  6. Sorry front and rears seats have gone already.
  7. Rear bumper needs some work please see pictures in this album: http://s820.photobucket.com/user/orlyspeedshop/library/ I'd prefer collection but can sort shipping if really nessasary, please PM me if your interested. Sorry rear brakes are sold already
  8. Hi guys, I will get back to you all as soon as poss, im having to work away this week so I will be in contact with all when I return, please keeps the requests coming and bare with me. Thanks
  9. Hi there mate, condition of the wings in good, both have been painted at some point in the past to a good standard but there are a few tell tale bits in the paint here and there so good condition but not concorse, obviously because they have been painted I cant guarentee and sort of a colour match. The NS wing has a scratch and small dent in the top edge as pictured and also a dent in the arch edge as pictured the OS is in good condition no noteable dents, both wings have a little bit of suface corrosion forming under the stone chip at the bottom of the wing, this will clean up OK if you plan to paint them. NS wing 20 pounds OS wing 30 pounds Hi mate, what do you expect recieve in the hub assemblies please? rear stub axle and disk?? Hi mate, bonnet is in goood condition, some fine scratching in the paint, it has been painted to a good standard at some point in its life, the paint code is as shown in the pictures in this thread. The foam on the underside of the bonnet is in good shape as well. Looking for 50 pounds collected, I will add some photos soon.
  10. I'll check them out, get you some pictures and let you know dude.
  11. The FR door cards are provisionally sold as a pair at the moment but I'll let you know if the guy lets me down.
  12. Fuel system is sold dude, will follow up with pics of wings soon Engine harness is sold, ABS harness is availible 30 pounds collected PM'd you back dude
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