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  1. pj027235

    Indicator wanted

    Many thanks for your reply, I'll see if I can find him.
  2. pj027235

    Indicator wanted

    Front right (drivers side) indicator wanted for 93 2.0l 16v. Phil.
  3. Can you pm me a price before getting involved in removing please.
  4. Ah, sorry, I meant the main fuel pump from under the car. Ironic, I wanted a lift pump a few weeks ago.
  5. Any joy getting the fuel pump off? Mine is still working but would like a spare, so no rush. Phil.
  6. Dizzy looks good. I don't need the leads unless they are going mega cheap. Can you pm a price for the dizzy and c.s.v? Cheers.
  7. Hi

    I am watching a c.s.v. on ebay at £25 posted so don't really want to go over this. If the distributor is good could you give me a price for both?


  8. Hi.

    How would you feel about £30 (includes postage) for the cold start valve?

    I shall post some pictures of the distributor in a sec, but how much were you looking to pay, if you're interested?

  9. Would also be interested in the distributor if you have it? Phil.
  10. wanted....5th injector or cold start valve for 2.0l 16v 9a cheers Phil.
  11. Has anyone got a fuel lift pump for a 93 2.0l 16v 9a? Phil.
  12. Hi, is fuel lift pump still available? Phil
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