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  1. Hi mate. Corrado looks great. How much are you looking for this? Thanks

  2. He did the Corrado sell?

  3. Ok so I spoke to bba and they are confident they can fix my pump with those error codes for £150 and give me a lifetime Warrenty. I’m going to check tomorrow that the Warrenty is on the whole unit not just the valves that need fixing and if so probably go ahead with that. Now I’m going to have to look for the wheeler dealer episode 🤓
  4. Any recent updates of where I can get myself some fresh front indicator lenses?
  5. Yes I have seen that but it’s almost £300 ouch!!
  6. Hello swift kid. Thank you would you consider just selling the abs pump? So using my pedal position, in theory i should not have that low speed problem? Correct?
  7. Thanks is the part number 358614217
  8. We reset it once and the codes went away. As soon as I tried to use the abs they came back. I don’t think I can afford an upgrade of the abs so would prefer to keep it standard if possible.
  9. Thanks for all the info. I just had a reply from a company called “Ecu testing” they are sending mine back just saying they can’t do anything with it. Do you think I should give BBA a call? The fault codes are as follows: 00280 valve 2 for differential lock -N126-lost23 00279 valve 1 for differential lock -N125-lost23 Thanks.
  10. Ooo not sure I will check.. I know it’s the 2.9 vr6 and it’s L reg. the part number as in the title. 358614217
  11. Hi guys I’m looking for an abs pump to get my Corrado back in business!! Thank you
  12. Hi do you still have the Rado?

  13. I could manage 3800 cash?

  14. Can I have your phone number to organise a viewing?

  15. Hi man what sort of money are you looking for this realistically?

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