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  1. Really? Ive seen a few conversions i think with all the parts needed going for £400-£700 with decent miles etc. Id best prepare to pay more than ive stated though, i want a decent Job done of it, if thats what they go for then thats what they go for.
  2. Gonna get all of that done i think, with the valver revving and breathing a lot better with a little more power, that should keep me going for a while. Wont spend mega bucks but, once the cars all finished and ready for it, i reckon i could do a nice solid 20v T transplant pushin 250-280bhp for under £1000. That would make such an awesome plum Raddo road toy :thumb right: ---------- Post added at 11:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:23 PM ---------- Hehe sounds great, remap would finish it all off nicely for now. Will do thanks, shud be good fun!
  3. Really!? Wow, sounds like the Corrado is a hard lady to please, makes you keep comin back for more tho! )
  4. Great advice guys thanx alot. Nothing compares to the noise of a VR6 or G60, but its better to buy one outright rather than a conversion by the sound of it. I think as time and money allows me, ill get the stance and handling just how i want it, try and get the cams done from a KR, good exhaust system with 4 branch, de-cat, K&N panel filter, maybe a power chip or something, and leave it at that. If i decide down the road i want a lot more power, then the 20v T route sounds good, i imagine it wouldn't be too expensive nowadays as that type of conversion has been done to death, seems to be a lot of engines floating around for not much money. The Corrado chassis would handle the power well me thinks.
  5. Thanks very much for the info. Ahh another burgundy pearl, definitely my favorite colour now hehe. Its not the most powerful engine but certainly no slouch, especially in the Corrado chassis, will be having alot of fun in it this summer. Im also after a nice interior ive e-mailed Anton Sobriquet about his twice but no answer. If anyone knows about his or any other interior im EXTREMELY interested. Must be a dark cloth one really. Will consider a nice black leather one though.
  6. Hi ive just recently bought myself a lovely, clean dark burgundy pearl 2.0 16v Corrado. I love it so much, ive always wanted a corrado, they are one of my favorite all time cars, and although i couldnt afford the best of the best vr6, ive landed this valver and its not disappointed. Nearly crashed loads of times watching the spoiler going up and down, how can that ever get boring! I dont think ive ever been this happy all round with a car before. :D Now, ive read lots of threads on mild performance mods, but still wondering which cams either abf or kr have the highest lift and will give me the most power gains? Will exhaust manifolds for the kr and abf engines also fit mine? Thinking of K&N panel filter maybe drill the wing side of the airbox. Dont want to go too mad because as soon as ive got the car as i want it, id look into a g60 or vr6 conversion, because the car itself very nice, original and straight. Does anyone have any other ideahs on performance mods for my current engine, and also is there alot of work involved in a vr6 or g60 conversion? Thanx, -Mike-
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